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  1. I like the term homonerdus, it really does fit the bill.

    I stop counting people missing their floor in the elevator just playing with their iphone. I can only imagine what will happen to them when they are in a virtual fantasy – that will be fun to watch.


    • Are people going to wear these damn things while driving?  Presumably they will for directions and the like?  And they think mobile phones are dangerous behind the wheel…….

  2. WTF is all that about?

    All I can get out of it is that he must live in a fridge (to keep cool) . He is talking to very rich people if Glass costs thousands of bucks. That is as far as I got as my hearing is getting worse by the day and he began to sound like a quacking duck….(there are two words you could have fun with.)

    If there is someone out there who could explain this Glass thing in a coupie of sentences of plain talk I would be most grateful. 'till then I will just fill it with whisky and sip



    • As far as I can gather [and someone can correct me if I'm wrong], it's a pair of spectacles which have a built in computer which is connected to the Interweb.  The lens then permanently displays a screen in front of one eye.  You control it by talking to it which is going to lead to some pretty odd encounters in the streets?

      Oh, and did I mention that it's cool?  Apparently?

      • Two comments: "A snip" suggests losing a vital part of anatomy for incredibly stupid social or religious reasons.

        Years ago, talking to yourself in the street was seen as a major sign of madness.

        Am I really that old?

        • I have lost count of the number of times I have asked someone if they were talking to me, only to realise they had one of those fucking Bluetooth earpiece thingies.  When they start tlking to their spectacles, life will really become interesting!  I suppose it's better than them talking to their testicles though?

  3. I can't believe that. I thought you made that story with the cliff sign up. Surely you made it up. Nobody could be that dumb. So I started watching and now I can't believe it.

    I realise that there is a vague possibility that this langer intended it as some kind of a joke, but I can't be sure about that. In any case, this is the example they decided to use in a presentation? Really? Either a lame, pathetic attempt at a joke or an ultimate proof that all those people should be left on this mountain path without their precious moronic gadget.

    I had to turn the video off after that, as one more "cool" would make me vomit. I don't want to be cool, ever.

    • I think he was quite serious about that sign.  You have to remember that Homo Nerdus measures success by the number of his followers on Twitter and the pinnacle of his life's achievement is to have a YouTube video go "viral".  These people honestly do live on a planet that is totally detached from reality.

      Incidentally, I turned off the video at the same spot.  I can only take so much excitement at my stage in life.

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