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  1. There was an interesting table in my local newspaper that you may wish to see if you think of having a holiday on the continent next year.

    The price of 20 cigarettes of a 'popular' brand (name not given) in various countries are :-

    Andorra                        3.19€

    Portugal                        4.30

    Spain                            4.65

    Luxemburg                   4.80

    Italy                                5.00

    Belgium                        5.26

    Holland                         6.32

    Switzerland                  6.83

    Ireland                          9.40

    UK                                9.45


    • Can anyone recommend a decent hotel in Andorra?  Self-catering?  Anyone got the loan of a tent?

      • Andorra is a small country in the Pyrenees between France and Spain.   I understand (I have never been there) that it is rather crowded.   Many towns here in  France have Shopping Trips there.

        • Looking at the stats for a packet of fags I see:

          Switzerland                  6.83

          Ireland                          9.40

          UK                                9.45

          Glad to see that we're pipping the UK, by 0.5. National pride is saved eh? Switzerland is cute – it charges a high price for the fags and then it gets patients into its booming health resort industry, cleaning up twice.

  2. ~~A pack of cigarettes costs approximately $10 to $13 in Canada and this depends on the brand. It is expensive because cigarettes are taxed heavily in Canada with the cost of cigarettes boasting taxes of 63 to 79% compared to other countries.

    so, guess you best bring your own if you pop across the big pond for a visit eh?

  3. At one time cigarette smuggling from the USA to Canada was big business. People would modify their cars to create secret compartments to hold cigarette cartons. While it was illegal to bring in cigarettes, once you had them in Canada you could legally sell them. Since then most of the States have raised their taxes high enough most have decided it was not worth the risk. Not to mention the obnoxious storm troopers on the boarder. 

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