How to demand a house tax — 13 Comments

  1. There's nothing confusing about the letter at all. But it is ironic when the Government and Banks are leading us to a cashless society where all transactions must be done by plastic cards, (so that they can track every penny you have), that if you choose to pay by plastic, they steal it from you now. If you want to dribble the money to them in cash, you won't finish paying the bastards until December 2014.

    • As I said, I haven't seen the letter myself so I'm just going on what I have heard.

      By all accounts they have laid out a series of ways of paying and that is part of the confusion.  You can pay now by plastic [or cheque?], you can pay on-line, you can pay at the Post Office, you can pay in a lump sum or deferred payment and a rake of other options.  It's fine giving people alternative ways of paying but they should explain it ore clearly.  I suppose one way of paying would be to give them a bank account they can draw from, and then close that account?

  2. Who voted for this tax imposition?
    According to  history the Irish people will rebel when they have had enough. Is Ireland now so overrun by immigrants (or for the politically correct, GCHQ, NSA and whoever else is caching this, migrants) rebellion is impossible?

    • This tax was not voted on by anyone.  It was demanded by our Lords and Masters in Brussels – the Three Pigs [AKA the Troika].  So if there is anyone out there who is under the illusion that being a member of the EU means no loss in sovereignty……………………

  3. Over here the council tax aka property tax is demanded by utter shits in town halls from something called 'a liable person'. Ignoring all the myriad of definitions that exist for the word person in practise this person is the name(s) that are recorded on the electoral roll forms sent to 'the occupier'. If the shits get no response the assume the last names they had are the liable persons.
    If the form is filled in incorrectly the deadly penalty of £1000 may  brought into play but if the form was filled in incorrectly how would the shits know who to penalise?
    There is no penalty offered for simply putting a thick black line across the form and sending it back.
    Problem is the biffo population genuinely believes they have to supply their personal details to whoever demands them.
    Fuck off stamped on the form in red does also get the message across rather effectively

  4. Off hand I would drop off a bag of loses 1 cent coins every couple of weeks. To keep things interesting throw in the odd 2 or 5 cent coin so they have examine everyone one instead of simply weighing the bag. Maybe through in a couple of washers also to confuse things.  Also make sure you overpay by 1 cent so they have to issue a refund cheque. 

  5. "A Penny for the Puca" – that's what we used to say at doorsteps on Halloween and we dressed up in masks and unscary witches' outfits. And we accepted CASH coins, but wouldn't have said NO to a ten-shilling orange note with a comely portrait of Michael Collins's seductress on it. These civil servants under the age of 40 just don't know that Halloween collection methods (straight into this bag Sir; bless you Sir) of old are a sound model for collecting the blasted house tax. But you know what some kids reacted a long time ago if a householder failed to put one halfpenny, or peanut, or crab apple in the collection bag?  Yes, the meanie adult could be subjected some nights later to the doorbell treatment viz., some nipper rang the doorbell and ran into the dark.

    I suggest the doorbell ringing model might serve as metaphor for dealing with the office collecting the household tax. Send them your used phone cards. Anonymously. Along with losing betting slips and lottery tickets. Slip in a note telling them to keep the change.

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