The March of the Bully State — 10 Comments

  1. You're right!  It's all about control!  They want to control you and prosper from your efforts.  Minimum pricing?!  It cost me $7 US for a pint of Guinness five years ago!  I'd hate to see what it is now in Dublin city centre.  I can get a pint of Guinness here for $3.50/€2.54.  Mind you, Guinness here is shite.  🙂

    • You should try a pint of the imported dark brew in Shanghai or Hong Kong. It will set you back the equivalent of 11 – 14 euro. I pay up in the interests of economic patriotism.

  2. And here in the UK too Grandad. There was a thing on the Beeb website just the other day "50% of children have seen their parents drinking". Shock, Horror – of course parents should hide in shame whilst drinking…

    PS: great blog, for an oldie 😉

    • Welcome Gareth.  I saw that figure and thought it was a bit far fetched.  Surely it must be nearer 80% or 90%?   And who gives a damn anyway?  I have seen many things in my life and would be dead twenty times over if I tried a fraction of 'em.  But then I suppose the Little Preciouses have to be so protected?  

      "great blog, for an oldie"  Thanks!  😀  [*fucking cheek*]

  3. Cue minimum pricing for coffee because it is addictive, a ban on environmental diesel fumes because it has been shown to be carcinogenic,a complete ban on contact sport of any kind and Doctors to be conferred with a 'special status' that makes them exempt from all of it.

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