The March of the Bully State — 10 Comments

  1. I don't think I can add anything meaningful to that post, GD, apart from seconding it.

  2. You're right!  It's all about control!  They want to control you and prosper from your efforts.  Minimum pricing?!  It cost me $7 US for a pint of Guinness five years ago!  I'd hate to see what it is now in Dublin city centre.  I can get a pint of Guinness here for $3.50/€2.54.  Mind you, Guinness here is shite.  🙂

    • You should try a pint of the imported dark brew in Shanghai or Hong Kong. It will set you back the equivalent of 11 – 14 euro. I pay up in the interests of economic patriotism.

  3. And here in the UK too Grandad. There was a thing on the Beeb website just the other day "50% of children have seen their parents drinking". Shock, Horror – of course parents should hide in shame whilst drinking…

    PS: great blog, for an oldie 😉

    • Welcome Gareth.  I saw that figure and thought it was a bit far fetched.  Surely it must be nearer 80% or 90%?   And who gives a damn anyway?  I have seen many things in my life and would be dead twenty times over if I tried a fraction of 'em.  But then I suppose the Little Preciouses have to be so protected?  

      "great blog, for an oldie"  Thanks!  😀  [*fucking cheek*]

  4. Cue minimum pricing for coffee because it is addictive, a ban on environmental diesel fumes because it has been shown to be carcinogenic,a complete ban on contact sport of any kind and Doctors to be conferred with a 'special status' that makes them exempt from all of it.

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