Humour me — 20 Comments

  1. "surrounded by lusty farmers’ wives and yang wans."

    Lucky you !! 

    And what other category would you have fitted into?

    Best personal blog maybe?

    • I was chucked out of Best Personal.  Maybe I was being too personal for their taste?

      I reckon there should be a Best Over 60s, or Best Pensioner category?  After all, they have a Best Youth.  Do I detect a whiff of ageism here?

      Failing that, Best Beauty would have suited me nicely.

  2. tis a funny old world, I think the category fits in a sarcastic dry old fart kinda way that we are quite fond of

  3. "For some reason I did make it through to the Best Humour though…" And also for the Best Overall Blog award.

    I also think that you do fit in the humour category – it is totally possible to laugh at someone and call them names at the same time

    • I know that.  People frequently laugh at me as they call me names.  Water off a duck's back, I say.

      Best Overall?  Now you are joking….!

  4. The very first post I read was "The third switch"….when you wrote "It explains a lot."  I laughed so hard!…I've been reading ever since.  You are a "cantankerous old bugger"…but you're alright because you have a sense of humour!

    • Hah!  I had to search back to find that one [I can never remember what I have written the same day, let alone two years ago].  Thank you for saying I have a sense of humour though.  It must have grown from somewhere over the years unbeknown to me.

      [*FUCK!  I wish this fucking spell-checker would stop squiggling "humour"!  It's how it's fucking spelled you fucking dimwit*]

  5. Hi there, congrats on becoming a finalist. I'm chuffed to be in company with such a hilarious blog

    • Hi Alvy and welcome!  I've been wandering around your site [or should that be sett?] and having a few chuckles myself.  Congratulations to you too – I'll be shouting for ya [as they say].

  6. who needs awards love your daily blogs even though i do not always agree with you however anyone who says you are wrong is right and anyone who says who are right is wrong.(please do not shoot this homecoming tourist over christmas) my personal forthcoming highlight is to once again walk from bray to WICKLA along the coast cheers

    • Now wouldn't the world be a very boring place if we al agreed on everything all the time?

      When you are doing your walk, carry on a bit further south and inland from Wickla town and you'll find me in the pub.  I'll even let you buy me a pint.

  7. Oi, Mister Headrambles! you pipped me to the post last year. Terribly offended you don't remember me. Only messing. Best of luck!

    • I don't remember what I had for dinner last night [though I do remember I cooked it] so you can hardly expect me to remember what happened a year ago.

      Best of luck to you too!

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