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  1. So, you bin blocking up the road agin.

    Could you not find a few tourists to shoot and put one in the empty bin. Just for fun like!!

  2. What are these chipped bins ye speaketh of?
    My households rubbish is dealt with by a roaring fire and fir stuff that won't burn there is handy litter bin just two doors away that is emptied daily. I that is ever full there is a twin over the road. That one is outside a chip shop (resisting a punch line!)

    • Surely you need somewhere to put all those things that don't burn / are too heavy to heft over the garden wall / won't fit in a public bin?

      • Not too sure to what you are referring.
        Anything large that is broken like a washing machine or microwave etc is either left out for whatever pikey is patrolling or one can always be flagged down.
        Anything to large to burn can always be made small enough to burn.
        I'm struggling to recall the last thing… oh wait a moment I had to lose an empty 15 litre drum of veg oil (the car runs on it) in one of those handy roadside skips builders keep cluttering the streets and back streets with.
        The normal 5 litre plastic bottles the veg oil comes in fit in the litter bins and the large red litter bins that inhabit supermarket car parks so they are easy to dispose of.

  3. My knobend of a neighbour has the habit of putting his bin out early for collection, last week he had all 3 out at his gate, but as his is like yours i.e he only pays when the rubbish bin is lifted, he brings it in before its collected. Proper fucking nuts, he goes for a walk every evening into town & carries a bag of rubbish with him & dumps it in the bin in the garage. Every thing the fucker does annoys me these days, but I’m getting crankier as I get okder.

    • Fair enough.  If he brings it back in before it's collected then he doesn't have to pay.  I might try that.

      And you know you are getting older when everything everyone does annoys you.

  4. Bins?

    Once I had a black bin for rubbish.

    Then I had a black bin for rubbish and a green box for recycling Another appeared and I had a black bin for rubbish and 2 boxes for recycling.

    Then a green bin appeared for garden waste, to compliment the bloody rubbish bin, and the multiplying green boxes for recycling….

    You can see where this is going I'm sure, but humour me….

    Now, in what can only be looked upon as utter genius at work, it was decided that that wasn't good enough. A fucking brown one was needed for garden waste, not a green one, when that one could be used for recycling, you know, saving the planet and all, just not from plastic bins…..

    So, now, I can hardly get out the front of my house for bins and boxes (which I might add are no longer collected and can't be returned it seems, you know, for recycling and all that….), I can hardly walk on the pavement when they're all proudly being displayed, some very tastefully decorated, and I can't get them in the alleyway around the back of the house, as there's not enough room to get along it with my bike, let alone my bloody shitting bins, due to everyone elses fucking assortment of fucking bins.

    Bins. Don't get me started…..

    • God be with the good old days of the galvanised bins!

      They tried to give me three – a black bin for the shitty stuff, a large green one for recycles and a smaller green one for glass.  As I have other uses for my glass, I never used the latter and it is now in the back lobby collecting papers and the like.  I just heft it into the large green one every now and then.  If they ever wanted to introduce a garden waste one here it would have to be the size of an industrial skip, otherwise I'm not interested. 

  5. I saw your bins out all right. Thought you must have either harvested the sensimilla and didn't know what day it was, or just were bucking the trend for the laugh.

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