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  1. Know what you mean. Pain in the arse. Keep meaning to type all mine out in alphabetical order now that I pay all my bills online. If I ever lose my stapled together scraps of paper I will be well and truly fucked.

  2. Passwords? bastard things…… I have so many bits of paper hanging around with passwords for all sorts of crap. Dont ever sign up to something when you are pissed, getting on Farcebook seemed like a good idea at the time, but can I remember the password? I know I wrote it down somewhere but all I have achieved is a blizzard of emails telling me about friends and shit knows what.

    • Same here.  I have loads of people wanting to befriend me on Linkedin, Pinterest and the like.  Never use the sites.  Don't know why the fuck I joined 'em.

      You're right – whiskey and Interweb don't mix.

  3. I created a password years ago that changes each month. So I only have to remember my age and hey presto there's my password. For websites, I just leave out the dynamic part.

    • When I was in RTE, the mainframe used to force us to change our password every five weeks or so.  I just used the simple method – Month-01, Month-02 and so on.  It didn't allow repeat passwords but only stored about five or six old ones, so that method lasted for years!

    • Congratulations.  You have just broadcast to the entire world what your highly secure password is.  😈

  4. Agree 100% – I hate passwords.

    Now Hotmail are asking me to verify my account by having another e-mail account. What the fuck is that all about?

    • I just wrote a file with all mine – three hundred and thirty fucking passwords!  And that doesn't count mail accounts.

      Now I have to encrypt that file.  ANOTHER fucking password!

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