I’m a lumberjack — 11 Comments

    • If a job has to be done, it has to be done.  Maybe I should have got Herself to take a photograph or two of me up the ladder [with no hard hat, ear-muffs or plastic goggles]?  I could have sent it into Health and Safety to give them all heart attacks?

  1. You can't burn green wood!  That wood needs to be on the ground for at least a year before you can burn it in your fireplace unless you want creosote and lots of other goo sticking to the inside of your chimney.  Now if by fireplace you mean an outdoor fire pit then by all means burn away all you want.

    • Don't worry – it'll be at least a year before I get around to cutting it.  Maybe I'll just leave it all rot?  Insects love rotting wood for nesting in.

      • You don't want to be burning white birch either even if the damn stuff is dry. It will fill your chimney full of creosote in no time flat. Yellow birch isn't that much better but it can be mixed with hardwood safely enough. White birch bark is great for starting fires though so peel it off and leave the rest for the birds. If it's white that is.


  2. You are doing it wrong. you are suppose to sit on the branch you are cutting. Then the tree falls and branch remains suspended in mid air. I've seen it on TV hundreds of times and we all know everything on TV is true, unless it contradicts something we read on the internet. 

  3. Grandad,that's how real men start a chainsaw. Make sure the tigger is locked on and the switch is set to ON.

    • You forgot to mention the insulating tape securely wrapped around the safety lock to keep it in the On position.

  4. Get a petrol chainsaw for firewood. God, the times I have come close to sawing bits off meself, adds a bit of spice to life…..

    • I had one but someone "borrowed" it, and I can't remember who to blame.  The electric one works quite well and at least I can cut logs near a power point and without having to use a ladder.  I might even wait until a calm day with no rain….

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