Never trust the papers — 12 Comments

  1. "To be quite honest, I had forgotten all about it,"   Yeah right. I bet you didn't sleep last night and were sat outside the paper shop at 4am.

  2. While working with Apple some years ago, we flew a journalist from Dublin to Cork, picked the prick up at the airport and ferried him to the plant. I gave him a three-hour demonstration of all the very latest technologies, wined and dined him over lunch and even drove the fucker back to the airport in the afternoon. It was in the car that he asked me if we had an Apple dealer in either Donegal, Wexford, Longford or Kerry. I answered truthfully that the demand didn't justify it and that those areas were covered by dealers close-by anyway.


    The headline to his article the following Sunday was, "Nowhere to buy a Mac in Ireland." Journalists are a dangerous lying breed !

  3. Mummy bloggers got a bigger spread in the paper then? There's a suprise…… Leave the dead tree press to that kind of shite GD. There is no such thing as news in newspapers these days, just following their own agenda's. Good for lighting the fire or lining the budgie cage though. 

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