Hedging bets — 17 Comments

  1. Remember, if they had actually found something their research grant would end.   By only suggesting something then they can demand more funds for further research.


    (I've worked in research so I know their mindset)

    • Good God!  You mean you are one of THEM?  😉

      Fair point though.  One must always follow the money.

  2. Best stop chewing on all that copper cable then, I realised something was amiss with this addiction of mine…..

    Shame about the tobacco link, being as how the dogooders are always spouting on about how dangerous it is. Wonder if I can fake the symptons and get fags on prescription?

  3. And of course, "Grant money may cause research, common-sense had shown."

    It is highly probable that vested interests seeking to pervert legislation in their favour may be pre-disposed to provide grant money to anyone who can influence their case.

    Put those together and you get, "Vested interests cause research."

    • Who would benefit from this "research" though?  Plastic pipe manufacturers? Hardly.  I think it's just some twats trying to make a name for themselves.  I'm surprised at the IT printing such shite though.

    • Very interesting, and what's more it sounds logical.  Not something doctors would want to shout about though?

  4. Grandad, I know you haven't heard this before but I don't think you're cynical enough. You assume these 'scientists' have relevance. I reckon they're just a bunch of shysters who have to produce something, anything, just to sign off on whatever irrelevant shite they've just wasted our money on. You give them far too much credit.

    • That is the first time I have ever been accused of not being cynical enough!

      I don't give them any credit at all.  I know it's just time-wasters justifying their existence by producing any old crap.  It's the fucking meeja I blame for feeding it to the sheeple as if it were cast in stone.

  5. So, no more drinking pints from copper tankards. I'll have to buy myself a pewter tankard in that case. (Is there any copper in pewter?)

    • Woops.  Apparently pewter contains copper [in small amounts].  I would image it would be more than counteracted by a good healthy smoke though.

  6. I think that the hi levels of mercury and radiation that are now found in the larger (consmer eaten) fish caught in the Pacifiv will do more damaj than chewing on your plumming ever will (i know I tryed). As a tset, I'm making sure I only eat slamon, cod and haddok thats caught in the Specific ocean. I have a Geiger countr and a Mercury testing kit ordered, both of witch should be aariving within the next coupul of daze. meenwhyle, i fele juss fien….

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