I am a caveman — 11 Comments

  1. Excuse me, Mister Wabbitte; but the last time I topped up my mobile credit I payed a little thing called VAT. The same applied when I bought my mobile. Oh, and come to think of it – if my memory serves me correctly I payed this VAT thing when I bought the TV for my missus' perusal and entertainment (or lack thereof)

    Phone and broadband bill? Yup; you guessed it – V………. A………… T.

    If you have any difficulties, please ask one of your lackies and I'm sure they'll eventually be able to explain that to you. Otherwise – fuck off.

    • I presume you mean Biffo?  The latter could almost be excused on the grounds that he' a drunken ignorant buffoon, but Rabbitte has no excuse.  He is a conniving lying hypocritical grasping little shit, and I would tell him that to his face.

  2. You pay tax on the purchase of the TV set. You pay tax on the purchase of your PC's Laptops, Pads and all other digital devices. You pay tax for the electricity to power these devices. You pay tax on your service providers bills every month too. And now Fat-Fucker Rabbitte wants to heap another tax on all of that ???

    Piano wire is too good for 'em Grandad !!

  3. There is no justification for that "Broadcasting Charge" whatsoever.  It would be bad enough just applying to homes with a television, but lumping it on every home is nothing short of financial rape.  They have found that they can get away with helping themselves to our income which is just plain theft in my book.

  4. This smacks of heavy-handed, light-thinking opportunism.

    As in a 'What can my department contribute, and sure I have me pension sorted so WTF?' kinda way.

    I've voted for him in the past. For 20+yrs I thought he was a good honest man and he consistently got my No. 1 vote  even way back when he was in The Workers' Party.. I thought he was different.

    Never again, though I'm sure the opportunity won't arise.

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