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  1. In chapter five, verse seven, it continues, "And verily, the people still did'st not rise up for they themselves are a shiftless shower of useless langers. The Evil Lord Enda dith prosper in his second home, even as the little people were cast forthwith unto the streets. Instead, blindly they voted to be tormented and scourged even more by the pompous overweight masters who continued to heap scorn and contempt upon them from their lofty height. And the moral of the tale good people is that, there are no morals left."


    At least, I think that's what it said anyway Grandad !

  2. …………. and the carrot that they dangled in front of the scoundrel Knave Ahern i.e. the presidency of the EEEUooh hath been dangled once again in front of Dame Edna…………

    • Don't tell me they have offered that job to that lying conniving devious little cunt?  Mind you, they seem to be the qualifications required?

  3. Maybe if the current state of the place was explained in this fashion, then the vast swathes of ignorant heathens might understand things a little better and get their heads out of each others holes.

    Maybe not.

    • Welcome Hagbard!  565 pages is a little long for a quick read so it will have to wait a little!

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