Yet another tax — 10 Comments

  1. Air tax is on its way. We'll all have to disappear and become trogolyites deep down below the earthly radar.


    This Levy tax will apply whether you own a TV or not. They are basing it on the household database they built by threatening us if we didn't pay to get our name and address onto it so that we could taxed everywhere else. The media and water taxes are imminent examples of this. That was a bad enough con.


    But, this is our Irish way of taxing the internet. When you buy your digital device, PC or something else, you pay VAT on it, and you pay VAT too to your service provider on your monthly bill. They now want to tax you for paying the VAT bill on top of it.


    I am still trying to figure a way around this and all I have been able to come with so far is getting myself into the black economy so that I can afford to have the internet in the first place.

  3. Looks like they are trying to simplify the tax system into two easy steps.

    1. How much money do you make?

    2. Give it to us.

  4. I'm not surprised that Irish people can be openly raped on the flimsiest of pretexts. My own grandda and father told me about that one shortly before I fucked off somewhere else for good- not being stupid, like. I may just join in and start sending the Irish Government suggestions for new taxes to apply to the plantation slaves. Just for my own amusement, you understand. For example there could be a Public Dissent Tax. In which case you would now owe the Dept of Bumming The Irish Repeatedly a further 1500 euros. I'd like to ask a question at this point. How many people labouring under the 'Make Them Pay For Our Inability To Count' policy are actually under the impression that some fine sunny day the government will suddenly announce; 'Well done dall, we've paid off all our debts and all those extra taxes will now be repealed'?

    I bet it hasn't even occurred to the majority of hapless c*nts of the Irish Tax Herd that even if the mountain of debt disappeared the taxes won't. Let me clue you in as you are one of the least offensively stupid Irish people I have had the pleasure of never being introduced to publicly- 'Income Tax' was invented to pay for the war against Napoleon. Napoleon is long dead. But 'Income Tax' remains. Think about it. I'd say there is a deal more financial rape to be chanced yet before the Mammies of Ireland stop worrying about what the neighbours might think if you were involved in shooting Irish politicians dead and open the back door so there is room for some face-saving rebellion and firing squads. It is that bad. Irish men wll not rebel until the Mammies and Herselves give them permission to do so. And that won't be until what were middle class kids start getting rickets and going to bed hungry. Lots done. Lots more to do. That'll be five euro for the Public Wisdom Tax.


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