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  1. Why did you carry the heavy bag to the car? Why not leave the bag with the missus till you got back to the cafe with the car? Is yours the Irish way ? Heh !

    • A couple of reasons.  Firstly people kept tripping over it, and secondly it was sort of melting in the sunshine.  I thought it might be better off in a relatively cool car.  You can be sure that everything I do has some kind of logic behind it [except maybe walking to the car without any keys, but that was memory and not logic].

    • Hah!  That is supposed to be art, I take it?  Or did someone just mount a camera inside Ward 6 of the local Loony Bin?

      • As to it being art, to quote Socrates, it beats the fuck out of me.  I reckon five loonies could come up with something more coherent.  How did you like the 'sculpture', by a famous Austrian artist no less.  Looked like big fuck-off pipecleaners to me… 🙂

        • What baffles me is that people actually pay to watch tripe like that.  Even worse, gubmints give them fucking grants!

          That was a sculpture, was it?  I thought it was a balloon animal…

  2. Sounds like the old Dubliners hit about the barrell full of bricks on the building site.

  3. Would it be time for one of those electric wheelchair thingys GD? 
    Just teasin'.. I'm melting myself in this heat.. nevermind the messages.

    I would have left the messages with herself altogether, 'till you got the car back down to her.
    You have her spoilt rotten.

    • Now that is a good idea  a wee cart, huh?  I must look out for one.  The trouble is that if she took off she'd give Ben Hur a run for his money.

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