Feeling my age — 15 Comments

  1. I quite often refer to the difficulties of being a 35 year old stuck in a 64 year old body.

    I have to admit to feeling quietly pleased when my daughters (32 and 25) tell me "Hey Dad, you're pretty cool for an old geezer.", even though it's a bit of a back-handed compliment. The danger, of course, is trying to behave like you're in your thirties and making a complete prat of yourself. I try to project an air of gravitas befitting my age, but it's not always easy…

    • I have a little golden rule that saves a lot of embarrassment.  If you find me at a party, I'll be quietly and endlessly muttering to myself "You will not dance.  You will not dance". Works every time except for those times it doesn't. 

  2. Is this the backhanded way of wishing your daughter a happy birthday? If so, it's about as backhanded as I've ever seen.

    On another note, I once felt my age but it didn't respond which depressed terribly. So I stopped feeling it.

    • I wished her a happy birthday in person.  It was easier than trying to navigate through the mess that is Facebook.

      Incidentally, I feel a lot better.  I recalculated her age and she's only 22.  [Hexadecimal is a wonderful thing!]

      • Ha! Did you happen to tell or that or are you just waiting for her to read this post? Of course, as smart as the girl is there is a chance she might not get it?

  3. I suppose her and TAT and having a big bash at HeadRambles Manor tonight?  🙂

    My father is almost sixty and his youngest daughter is only five!  That's got to be freaky.  🙂

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