Feeling my age — 15 Comments

  1. Just remember – you are only as old as you feel. Or, if you are lucky, the woman you feel!!

    • Very true.  Unfortunately the joints tell a different story.  I think my days of running up the Sugar Loaf may soon be coming to an end.

      • We were allowed a day out to climb the Sugar Loaf after our Leaving Cert – some fucking reward eh!!!!

  2. I quite often refer to the difficulties of being a 35 year old stuck in a 64 year old body.

    I have to admit to feeling quietly pleased when my daughters (32 and 25) tell me "Hey Dad, you're pretty cool for an old geezer.", even though it's a bit of a back-handed compliment. The danger, of course, is trying to behave like you're in your thirties and making a complete prat of yourself. I try to project an air of gravitas befitting my age, but it's not always easy…

    • I have a little golden rule that saves a lot of embarrassment.  If you find me at a party, I'll be quietly and endlessly muttering to myself "You will not dance.  You will not dance". Works every time except for those times it doesn't. 

      • Ha! Yes, it's efficacy is in inverse proportion to the amount of alcohol consumed, I find. 🙂

  3. Is this the backhanded way of wishing your daughter a happy birthday? If so, it's about as backhanded as I've ever seen.

    On another note, I once felt my age but it didn't respond which depressed terribly. So I stopped feeling it.

    • I wished her a happy birthday in person.  It was easier than trying to navigate through the mess that is Facebook.

      Incidentally, I feel a lot better.  I recalculated her age and she's only 22.  [Hexadecimal is a wonderful thing!]

      • Ha! Did you happen to tell or that or are you just waiting for her to read this post? Of course, as smart as the girl is there is a chance she might not get it?

  4. I suppose her and TAT and having a big bash at HeadRambles Manor tonight?  🙂

    My father is almost sixty and his youngest daughter is only five!  That's got to be freaky.  🙂

  5. according to friends i have been successful at almost turning 6 this year..i work at that


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