Bearding the lion — 5 Comments

  1. If you dip it in tomato soup it gives a zing to the flavour – better than adding a dollop of tabasco sauce. Don't slurp; it's rude in front of the grandchildren.

  2. …….and there was I thinking Mr. M. only grew his to save on razor blades!

    Not sure about the "quadrupling handsomeness" bit but I can confirm he's a mean wood-chopper.

  3. Grandad, I must commend you on your magnificent beard.

    I saw it once, when both of us were among a group of 'bloggers' trying to help out some lad doing a college video-project about blogging.

    You let me stroke your award, for which I'll be eternally grateful.

    Maybe you don't remember it. Let me remind you. It was in a pub on Dame Street, AND THEY WOULDN'T SELL US ANY BEER, only coffee. – You remember now, don't you?

    Anyway, my point…Whenever I go past the stubble stage I start to look scruffy and eventually chicken out. I can't hack it. It looks like the beard is in control, not me.How long must I endure it before I can look magnificent like you?

    And don't advise me to go for a goatee, or any of the other feminine beard styles. I'm a man. I want a man's beard.

    • Indeed I do remember some sort of trip into a beerless pub [how could one forget that?].  Beyond that though my memory is somewhat dim. 

      There are a few ways to grow a beard.  One is to just retreat from life until the stubble stage has passed.  Another is to start growing sideboards by shaving a smaller area each day, until the sideboards meet in the middle.  The best way though is to just grow the damned thing and if anyone says you look scruffy, just tell 'em to fuck off.

  4. i posted that on manuel's fb page, he's blathering on how he's got a beard growing….no pictures yet

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