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  1. Welcome back GD, glad you enjoyed. Herself here had a bit if an aquatic surprise last weekend – just got out of the water and shark fins pop up only 20-30 yards away. Bit of a moment in a small secluded bay and still not sure if it was one of them basking fellas or a couple of small blues! Either way you should have heard the shrieks!

    Now, what bay is that? Looks like any further west and ye'd have been in the drink yourself!

    • Of all people, you should be able to identify that, Mick?

      To give you a clue – the dark headland [left of centre] is Coosheen Point.

      I never thought of feeding Herself to the sharks.  Damn!  Nice one.

      • Ah, Colla Road or thereabouts 🙂 Next time ye're down maybe we'll try a bit of shark fishing, heh!

    • Heh!  I have no idea.  The foreground [and virtually the entire landscape] is a mixture of gorse and bracken, and mostly gorse.  So plenty of pricks?

  2. Good to see you back, GD, whether you want to be or not. Looking at the view I'm a bit surprised you came back at all. The one thing my state lacks for all it's beauty is a shoreline. I do miss the ocean something terrible. And I didn't comment on your Open House post–I never liked crowds much (No offense to anyone here. I'm just an ornery anti-socialite.)

    Glad Penny found plenty of flies to keep her occupied. Has Herself come to yet?

    • Yourself and the missus would love it!  The mountains change by the season but the sea changes by the minute.  It's a very serious contender as an alternative to the old Wickla Mountains!  Maybe you'll join us next year?  😉

    • Mostly nothing.  When I wasn't doing nothing I was wandering the rocks, reading, writing or taking a silly number of photographs.  The pints were lovely too – only a mile to the nearest pub.

  3. Welcome back GD…  Looks lovely there. Nice pic..   Glad you got some nice weather too!
    ('Click to embiggen' – If only that could work for other things.  🙂

    • I got the weather I deserved!  [I believe it is pissing out of the heavens there today].

      I believe the power of the mind can embiggen too?

  4. Weird GD, I just checked your wee blog a couple of hours ago to see if you were still alive!

    • The big question is whether I am or not.  Actually there were a couple of occasions on the road back when I very nearly wasn't.  Drivers in this country are fucking lunatics.

  5. glad you are back GD, beautiful view you had! we chomped off a bit much when it was suggested we go for 500 but with this lot I'm mighty impressed we got past 100!

    • I see it's up to 120 now, and I haven't contributed a word.  Maybe there is a lesson there somewhere?  Maybe if I wrote nothing at all, this site would actually become popular?

  6. It's apparent that you were missed very much while you were gone, Grandad. Absence made our hearts grow fonder. That's a beautiful view you shared with us!

    • Nah!  I wasn't missed at all.  It just gave people a great opportunity to throw insults about me behind my back.  😀

      As for the photo – I have about fifty of the same scene and each one different.  It changed every minute.

      • Explain to this nice American lady, Grandad, that in Ireland we have a cultural custom called slagging. We're only slagging, is a way to use it in a sentence. I think the yanks use the word ribbing in that context.

        • Also known as taking the piss? [I’d be interested in the etymology of that expression!]

          • There's a French word called pissoir, probably related to the verb pisser. I've seen those smelly metal cubicles on the streets along the Seine. Together with the lockup bookstalls they give riverside walks a distinctive ambience – that and the aroma of filter coffee. In Germany I also saw the word Pissort at the entrance to street conveniences. This has absolutely no connection with Ausfahrt, which means an exit from the Autobahn. Can any continental visitor give us deeper etymological enlightenment? Are there any Latin or Sanskrit or Anglo-Saxon derivations?

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