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  1. They had a similar push here, Technically they are requiring ever increasingly higher average mileage rates. This effectively requires the auto companies to large quantities of smaller cars and fewer larger vehicles. For years trucks were exempt, but the government nannies are now correcting that oversight.

    One side effect is they are collecting less in taxes on fuel. Not wanting to lose money they are now considering taxing on the distance you drive, how fast you drive, and what roads you drive on by adding a black box to your car. The fact that they can then track your movements is only side effect and we can be assured that the benevolent government will never use against us. 

    • It's one thing though to try to restrict fuel consumption and fuel imports, but this is a different kettle of elephants altogether.  We are back on the fucking "safety" bandwaggon again and trying to restrict things which foolish people [us] might use to harm themselves.

      I am sick to the back tooth of these fucking nosey, know-it-all fuckwits who think they know what's good for us.

  2. Oh dear Christ on a pogo stick, can't they just fuck off and leave people alone? What next for the ' lets ban everything' brigade?

  3. When I read things like this I think of two songs.  Mission of Burma's "That's when I reach for my revolver" and Ween's "Cover it with gas and set it on fire"

  4. don't care about shit right now just purchased 2013 volks diesel jetta..our 2003 same just died with 500,000 kms on it. new one is wicked!

  5. I want the motor companies to design a cheap, light Bubble Car that will float gently above the rooftops – like a helium balloon – and land safely on a convenient parking spot near the cinemas and supermarket, not forgetting my favourite pubs. Then governments will cook up a light air tax. Anything to get our money. Our money floats up into the bureaucratic clouds like invisible helium every day. Better invest in North Korean currency, called mysteriously 'won', here:

    I know Denmark 'won' the sloppy Eurovision contest, but what did North Korea win?

    • Jayzus!  It's bad enough with the boy racers tearing up and down the roads outside without them crashing into my roof and garden all the time.

  6. Why oh why aren't there comment sections on these types of articles? Hell, article? It's  more a note scribbled on the back of a napkin after too many dry martinis.  Besides, I can't remember the last time I smoked a car. Damn hard to light.

    • I'd say they don't want to allow comments as they know damn well they'd be laughed out of it.

      Fucking wasters.

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