Drugging the masses — 23 Comments

  1. Well Big Phil can't legally charge for water as he doesn't own it, he has to charge for the use of his 'pipe' and the fluoride, bromide, flourine, chloride, chlorine, lime etc!!

    • Well they can still fuck off.  I'm not paying for any fluoride, and their pipe system isn't up to much either, between cut-offs and crap pressure.

    • Aha!  I buried it just in case they come around checking who isn't connected.

  2. Seems you can smell it but by the time you do you'll be dead so am I conversing with a ghost?

     HF can't be smelled until 24ppm but has an IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health) concentration level of 30ppm.

    In other words, by the time you smell it, your life is danger! — hence the title of this article: "Fluoride: An Invisible Killer".

    • Whatever the stink is, it ain't fresh water.  Fucking kitchen smells like a public baths.

  3. They started putting that stuff in our water back in the late 40s, early 50s, and the state of our not so ivory whites in the U.S. in no better than anywhere else in the world…

    (well…except for England, which for some odd reason genetically selected for piss poor horse teeth. Probably has something to do with those tight-ass jaws.)

    …anyway, flouride has always been a contentious issue here as well. Portland, OR, a city of a million or so, still doesn't allow it in its water supply and a sleepier bunch of yawners you never saw.  'course…they're stoned all the time, but still.

    • Now if they wanted to put some Mary Jane in the water supply I wouldn't complain, but that is about the limit of my tolerance.  From what I can see, there are very few countries using the stuff and I want to know why we have to be different.

      • Now if they wanted to put some Mary Jane in the water supply I wouldn't complain…

        If they did the crime rate would most likely drop dramatically I'd imagine. And, of course, I had to go off and find a video of an old Lada starting up just to hear what it actually sounded like.

  4. It’s yet another cast iron reason not to pay any fucking water taxes….and drink Guinness

  5. It is time for oppressed country folk to reactivate the old family wells. No compulsory fluoride in that source of water, and if you go to holy wells for free buckets of water you might find lots of good-luck coins at the bottom.

  6. We have many free, fresh springs near us.  Most are frequented by the sandal-wearing brigade for their consumption.  Recent tests show that all local springs are contaminated by vicious bacteria and other wildlife such as amoeba – aka dysentery – so I think I would take the chance of the  terrible smell of piped water against the opportunity to imbibe unknown diseases.

    • Uisce beatha = water of life = aqua vita = molto bene.

      Go mbeiremid beo ar an am seo arís.

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