Chaos theory — 18 Comments

  1. Well good luck because the forecast for tomorrow's forecast is for rain, followed by more rain. I thought you promised to fix it form me!! Nice evening at the moment but still cold compared to Tunisia.

    • You're getting ahead of yourself forecasting tomorrow's forecast?

      I said I would fix the weather in exchange for a feed of pints.  Where's my pints?

        • Heh!  Tempting.  If I got suitably hammered they might insist I stay away tomorrow……

  2. Got our grandchildren ALL weekend while the daughter and her good for nothing have pissed off to the lakes til Monday. Just eyeing up the beer in the fridge, 48 cans, not enough, probable drink most of them tonight.

    • You have my sincerest condolences.  Take my word for it – you need something a LOT stronger than beer.

  3. That's funny GD.

    Holiday? You skipped it last year. Going this year? La Belle France?

    • Not so funny from this distance.

      I think after all this crap a holiday may well be in the cards.

  4. Am just imagining you in the bouncy castle. Heh.  GD;-  "LOOK AT ME ! "   "LOOK AT ME ! "

  5. Take the dog and start your holiday somewhere like Killarney – tonight.  Everybody else will manage very well and you will acquire a reputation for being a reclusive eccentric.  And sod the rain, it does not apply when you are downing a couple of good whiskeys in a warm bar.

    • Oh God! That is sooo fucking tempting!  It's a little late for hitting the road West, and I suppose I had better be here when they burn the house down.

  6. A Bouncy-Castle at a First Communion celebration??

    Things have certainly changed since my day.  All I remember getting was tepid tea and flabby toast distributed by the nuns.

    • As far as I remember, I was brought to the Spring Show.  I think there is a photograph of me [somewhere] looking glum beside a tractor.

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