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  1. You miserable old twat. Looks like the days of helping a weary traveler on his way are long past .

    • But I am helping them on their way and showing them some of the best scenery in the country.  It's a lot nicer up there than it is in Dublin anyway.

  2. and it's been pissing down here for days and I am hung over from celebrating Cinco de Mayo and in an ugly mood.

  3. Did Helman's sponsor the mayo festival tt?

    Oh what I wouldn't do for a burrito.. mmmm.

    Sorry GD, off topic there.   
    Try and be nice to the foreigners will ya!

    • Anne Burrito means little donkey. Can't imagine what you would want one of those for. Oh, ok. I get it now. Shame on you.

      • Well I couldn't eat a whole like all at once tt..

        We don't do have mexicano here too much. 
        Although a friend of mine from a 'bad' area here in town, refers to the worse area in the neighbour as mexico. 🙂

        We had a festive here over the weekend as well btw – 'Knackerfest'

  4. Cinco de Mayo, the Mexicans celebrating wining a battle against France. Like that is difficult to do. It was around 2000 against 6 and it still took them all afternoon. 

    • Don't forget – garlic-breath can kill at five hundred paces.  That shortened the odds somewhat?

      • Not to mention the gaseous by-product from tonnes of digested pinto beans. Anyone got a light?

  5. Because in everything do unto others, as you would have done unto you.

    I & I.. rasta. peace.   That's the why.

    • Fuck that!  Foreigners are screwing me over at the moment without any chance at retaliation, so I'm only playing by their rules.

  6. Wait a minute!…I thought that Ireland didn't have snakes!……I was thinking of visiting one day…..but I guess that's not true!….Boo Hiss!

    • Most of the Irish snakes spend their time in Brussels so it's safe to travel.  Just bring a SatNav.  Or a map.  Or if you really have to ask a local for directions, just make sure you buy him a feed of pints first.  Especially if he is a distinguished looking chap with a beard and who smokes a pipe.

  7. Could you not install a 'Like' button, all this communicating in words is exhausting..


    I have nothing further to add, nor any detail of my level of like, or what indeed, I like.

    I just 'Like'.

    • Are you serious?  A fucking "like" button? 

      OK.  I would but I can't find any code that includes a "dislike" button.  Fair's fair?

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