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  1. Well that was a most enlightening post.

    Thanks you for that because I would have worried all weekend about your leak – tossed and turned in the scratcher wondering.

    Now I can sleep in peace.

  2. If it still leaks stick a bucket under it and pour it back in the top as necessary.

    There…..fixed that for you!

  3. Obviously the filter should have been placed inside the tank. Sure it would have been harder to repair, but you would never have noticed the leak to begin with. 

    I am sure the government upon hearing of your difficulties will pass some legislation requiring the tanks to replaced at regular intervals, but only after filing an environmental impact statement, getting a permit, a public hearing, and of course using a licensed installer.

    • Surely it has to be outside for maintenance?  I presume filters are supposed to be cleaned or replaced every so often?

      As for the fucking gubmint regulating tanks, I suppose it's only a matter of time.  Doubtless they'll ban them soon enough and demand we all burn wood pellets or some such fucking nonsense.

    • I wouldn't mind if it was the last thing as then I would know to start at the other end.  What pissed me off was that it became a circular thing – one leading to another and on to another in a loop – and circles have no end.

  4. Gold End would have solved it in a jiffy. Not sure it's made these days as it probably contained something nasty but brilliant that the EU have banned!

    • Never heard of Gold End [and nor has the Interweb, that I could find].  The EU must have already banned it!

      • As the merkans say "back in the day" I was a 'nuclear plumber', in so much as I worked in a nooklear shipyard just across the Irish sea from Belfast roughly as the crow flies. Gold End was a creamy white sticky gunk made from PTFE and some other 'goodies' that I cannot recall that could stop any oil from a leaking thread all by itself without the usual PTFE tape or hemp.
        It was a Merkan product and it was fantastic. 
        Hemp helped of course if the threads were really shite. Actually I may still have some in a bag of plumbing bits 'under the stairs'. I'll have a butchers tomorrow.

  5. Dirko sealant keeps anything back,  Back in the days before I came in to money I used to do all my own small repairs and I can tell you there are twenty-odd- year old oil, water and gas joints sealed by Dirko and still performing well!

    • NOW you tell me!  I'll keep a note of it in case the tank explodes or something.  Thanks.

      • All ya had to do was ask, I'm not telescopic!

        Anyways, we (your fan club) all think that you know everything!

  6. I'll bet it was still chaper than getting the Plumber and you learnt how to fix leaks. The hard part is, now that you are an accomplished leak fixer, dealing with the thoughts that you never want to see another fucking leaking pipe ever again just when you have gained the valuable and expert knowledge of fixing the cunt and knowing you will never need to depend on or have to pay someone else to do the job and rip you off too.

    Now how is the burner performing? Are the oil seals there okay too? Ha Ha Ha Ha Har! Har!

    DIYer!…..Man after me own heart…..well done GD

    • I reckon on spending about a fifth of a professional's bill if not less.  My problem now is that I have quite a lot of tape, gung and gunge left over but by the time I have another leak, I will either have lost the lot or it will all have hardened and will be useless.  The house is full of hardened tubes of glue and sticky stuff that has lost its sticky.

      I'm not worried about the burner.  It is simplicity to perfection – a pipe dribbles oil into a pot where it burns.  No pumps, injectors or any of that shit.  I like to keep things simple.

  7. GD, With the PTFE tape, it’s important that it is wound on clockwise, otherwise the fitting will tear it off the threads……just saying

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