Winning a laptop — 16 Comments

  1. wow a DELL…free and everything..just need all your details, first born and a blank are one lucky fella!

    • For a laptop, they can have my firstborn and the grandkids as well.  Indeed – WOW!

  2. The devil's children have the devil's own luck!

    I replied to a similar email this week using my 'real' name of Dr. Hugh G. Rection,  My benefactor is now calling me Mr. Rection!

    • No problem.  Just so long as you gave them your correct address.  Mind if I borrow that name occasionally?

        • Heh!  The daughter got caught out with the latter.  She was working in a pharmacy and the chemist told her there was a prescription ready for Mike Hunt.  Out she goes into a fairly full shop and shouts out "I have a prescription here for Mike Hunt".  She was not amused.  😈

  3. I hope you remembered to give them all your bank details GD. I understand that if you also include your PIN number, they upgrade the RAM to 1Gb and include a mouse mat with a picture of a polar bear on a small iceberg.


    Just goes to show. There are still some good people in the world…(sigh)

    • I gave them the PINs to all my cards, just in case.  I hope to get a lot more than 1Gb in return.

  4. Hah, That's nuthin'

    I won four Ferrari's and ninty five million euro and all I had to send them was the ten grand to Holland to ship me the cars. My big cheque has been left in the dashboard of one of the cars and the lads have assured me that they are aboard a ship, leaving Australia even as we speak.

    A Dell laptop, for fuck's sake. There's better doorstops available for pennies.

    • I can hardly write to them and ask for an alternative make?  That would be rather churlish.

    • Was she transmitted to your home electronically? Or was a rubber inflatable model shipped by An Post?

  5. Send them Herself’s bank account number and she might get a deposit of ten million naira. You could buy a robot machine to do the house cleaning with some of that.

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