Safer Internet Day — 10 Comments

    • Of course it is.  But just for today, make sure there is a fire extinguisher nearby.  Can't be too careful?

  1. I think I shall drink some Chardonnay and surf for porn tonight!


    So there. And thumbs down to yer safe internet day.

  2. I think it's a jolly good idea, and none too soon. All this internet porn has disfigured me. I've got a right arm like Popeye and a left arm like Kate Moss. We should be protected from this sort of sing. I think something should be done. They should ban something. Or other. It's the only way. Or better still, they should ban the internet. That would fix it.

  3. Sort of sing? Shurley musht be shome mishtake…


    That would be 'thing'….. Damn, this local wine has a kick to it…

  4. Yeah, tell us more about these porn sites we should, ehm… avoid. I'll get a pen and paper, just to be sure I don't visit them. By accident.


    Ah, it's a joke, isn't it. All this talk of safety by corporations and Governments, and all the while they're shafting us. It's not about safety, it's about not getting sued.

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