The War of the Words — 19 Comments

  1. Jesus Christ, where did freedom of expression disappear to?


    We can't criticize the EU now as it's against the law.


    Well fuck the EU and all it stands for.


    On another note relative to the article in the Irish Times that you link to, it says in the caption to the picture:

    "outside Iveagh House on St Stephen's Green" – since when did they have fireplaces on the outside of buildings!!!!??

    • Freedom of speech means we can say what we like provided it is approved by Brussels.

      As for the caption – maybe the Troika took the front walls of Iveagh House as part payment?

  2. They probably sent a delegation to N Korea to pick up some tips. I expect the next thing is that they'll demand Van Rumpy must be addressed as "Dear Leader".


    Dunno if I already posted this here, but it made me chuckle. As you may discern, the Greeks are pretty pissed off.


    "Brussels advises Troika employees to work in disguise when in Athens"




    • So the have to pass laws banning criticism?  They are training people to try to counter free speech and they have to go around in disguise?  At least they seem to be aware of their popularity!!

      They are nicely defined here.

    • Damn!  Didn't know about that. 

      You can tell 'em that democracy is dead and buried unless we get the hell out of the EU.

  3. They won't stop until we're effectively an outpost of the German-Franco Empire. The mark of a sociopath is someone who seeks to hold power of people. That explains a lot.

    • We have already reached the status of vassal state.  An Irishman's function is to produce taxes for the German-Franco coffers.  No more, no less.

  4. I am not one for conspiracy theories and facile exaggeration like a lot of you twits are. But, this time…. troubling indeed.

  5. We pay and vote for an Undemocratic Europe that has no care or interest in the welfare of the people of Ireland.

    We are made pay for the sins of others. We are an economic small scale experiment. The results from this experiment will then be used in controlling the bigger Countries with problems in the union.

    We are being subject to economic experiments akin to the medical experiments of Dr. Josef Mengele.

    Easter 2016 is coming……..lets make use of it………at The GPO

    • God knows what it will take the Irish sheeple to wake from their stupor.  Maybe it will take a general uprising throughout Europe?  After all, we're not alone in this by a long chalk. 

  6. And the best thing?  We are all going to have to pay for an army of idiots telling us black is actually very white and we should be grateful for their interest in our affairs.  Shoot the bloody lot of them.

    • Welcome, BD!  That lot throw money around like it's going out of fashion.  But why should they worry?  We just have to cough up under pain of "law".  We are paying to build our own scaffold.

  7. For the property registration tax, you had to PAY to get on a list to be taxed, never mind that you paid it all up front with Stamp Duty when you bought first day. This fucking Government are trying to build databases with the express purpose of sending you bills for anything the Civil Service can think of to charge you with. I can see a "pollution tax" coming  for smokers outdoors and an income tax bracket for Christmas presents can't be far behind.

    A Nation Once Again, my arse.


  8. Next in the schools they will be asking the kids " what did mommy and daddy talk about last night" Little Jonny will say Daddy said the EU is run by gangsters. Next day the cops will be kicking the door down. Just like their founding fathers the Nazis.                                               

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