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    • So the images for the site are held by Amazon?  Nice.

      It's a nice enough looking site at first glance but there is no way on earth that it's worth even a fraction of that money.

  1. Iv just gone on the site as you say complete shite. They spend €2.5 million because these gobshites are not living in the real world then after spending all that money would you qive it to a foreign company.

    Notice also more cash been wasted how do these fools get drawn into these situations.

    What next now Ireland is playing with the big boys an Irish Aircraft Carrier ….'The Bertie Ahern'

  2. Holy cow!  I am sure my 11 year old nephew could have done a better job on that website for $20 bucks.  Somebody is laughing all the way to the bank, or the Bahamas!

    • You really don't have to look very long or hard to find websites that are far superior.  As usual, they have tried to go for fancy coding and gimmickry rather than plain simple functionality.  Maybe it was done by an 11 year old?

    • Just imagine you are head of IT in a company that's already in receivership.  You casually mention to the GM that you have just spent 3 million on a website.  How many microseconds before you hit the pavement outside the front door?

  3. I love the sarcastic tone on the gallery navigation: Next 'beautiful' image / Previous 'beautiful' image. 

    Also I'm not shure if this is a typo or deliberate attempt at local shpeak:

    "Gaze at prehistoric gold jewellery, shuck an oyster in a lively festival or walk your way to stress-free bliss, you won't be short of things to do in Ireland" on this page

    • Hah!  Couldn't find the gallery, and it should be prominent?  Probably just as well as photographs on a photograph background just leads to information overload.

      Do you charge prices like that?  😀

    • "You won't be short of things to do in Ireland"

      Maybe not; but unless you've a six figure overdraft on your credit card it won't take long til you'll be short of funds. The Celtic Tiger may be dead but the Rip-off Republic is still alive and well 🙁

    • They have a map of water meters?  Wouldn't surprise me.  I wonder how many people's water bills it will take to pay for one website?

  4. Yeah I remember when the Irish Times owned it, then they started charging money for it. So I haven't been on since. Didn't know the gubmint had bought it.


    It's nice how they're showing off our skills as a nation of tech savvy, young, well-educated work force. Good ol' Gubmint (<—Im stealing this word. Love it, and it suits my lazy side)

    • Update: Okay, I turned off my do-not-track extension (DNT+ for Firefox) and there was the site. So, unless you let them track you you can't see their beautiful images and get lost in their blind alleys? Okay, then. Guess I don't need to see it.

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