Thirty eight — 42 Comments

  1. AH, nice to hear of married bliss.

    Reminds me of this old one:


    Little boy gets home from school and says "Dad, I've got a part in
    the school play as a man who's been married for 25 years."
    His Dad replies "Never mind Son. Maybe next time you'll get a
    speaking part!!"

    • Fnar, Fnar!  It's far from Beryl or Tourmaline she was reared.  I brought her a mug of tea in bed.  What more does she want? 

  2. Happy anniversary GD.. 38 years! That's like a life sentence. 🙂 
     Tis a long time to be putting up with someone's shit and them to be putting up with yours…
    I hope ye have many more happy years together.

    "Unlike some wives, she pulls her weight "  How many wives have you had at all?  🙂

    • We all know that with a life sentence you get remission. 

      Thank you for questioning the quantity of wives rather than the quantity of wife!

  3. Congratulations!….You got married in January?…..You MUST have been in LOVE!….:)


  4. I'm glad you're still married to Herself, I was beginning to worry. I keep getting ads on your blog for some woman Clarke who wants to go to Europe at your expense

  5. I'm happy we could spend the hours together today. I'm guessing I was the excuse you had to ignore Herself?

    Happy Anniversary.

  6. I hope that you are springing for a nice dinner for her down in the village and at the finest pub there.   And double the tip, you tightwad.

    • I gave her a gold watch!  None of this tightwad talk.  It was a good watch too – it has lasted thirteen years.

  7. grats on lasting this long, its refreshing. on a coinkydink, you've been married the same length i've been working full time

  8. Only 38 years………you're nowhere near!!  'Himself' and I will have clocked up 49 next March.   'Course he keeps telling me he'd only have got 15 years for a life sentence. 

  9. Apologies, GD .. bit late with the commiserations congratulations – very late back from work last night and the Memsahib had SO much to tell me about before I sank into oblivion with a couple of small whiskies. I seem to be in her good books this morning so I must have given every indication of listening to her impassioned monologue.

    I remember the day my previous marriage faltered. She yelled at the top her voice, "Mother was right – you don't deserve me!" And I murmured just loud enough to be heard, "I don't deserve piles either but I've fucking got 'em…"

    • My mother happily told me [at the wedding reception] that she gave it a year.  My mum was a cheerful soul.

  10. Congrats GD……………… are only starting!…………….Was pleasantly hooked for 57 years before donning Widowers weeds last year………………enjoy while you can………nothing but nothing lasts for ever……Fuck it.                                   Rod


  11. You talk about making an honest woman of herself; but did it ever enter into your thinking that herself might have wanted to make an honest man of yourself? Did you ever detect subtle/unsubtle signs of herself pursuing, stealthily, such a noble project?

    On a totally different note. 1st February is St. Brigid's day. Any comments about the ugly prevalence of rushes (with which the St. Brigid crosses are made) in the countryside? Practical suggestions for effectively curbing same? Could crosses be exported to China as good luck tokens?

    • Less of that please.  She was damned lucky to get me and I remind her of the fact frequently.

      As for the St Brigid's crosses – more than likely banned by the EU.

  12. Congratulations and enjoy it all you can. I lost my husband of 34 years just six years ago and the gap in my life can never be filled. I think it is just knowing no matter what happens at least one person will be there for you no matter what, I miss that. I am near my son and lovely grandchildren but it is not the same though a lot better than some.

    • No one can ever explain the meaning of a Life Partner to someone who hasn't had the experience.  It's a unique relationship.  It's why I can't chuck her out.

  13. A belated Happy Anniversary to you and herself. It's amazing she's still with you what with all the lovely things you've written about her on this blog of yours. I'm not going to ask what your secret is as I'm afraid you'll actually tell me.

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