Rabbitte caught in the headlines — 22 Comments

  1. Your homegrown bung-holes appear to share a fundamental misunderstanding with ours.  Their paymasters are us.  Not Brussels, and not the IMF.  Cognitive dissonance?  Not much.  Tossers.

    Keep buggering in Grandad…

  2. Do you already have gay marriage in Ireland?  If so why all this talk of rectal fistitude?

  3. Next thing he'll be telling us to stop "cribbin' and moanin' and go commit suicide" for talking down the recession !

  4. Hello Grandad, just found your blog tonight, may the force be with you! !, let them eat cake noo too good let them eat the shite words these politicos are spouting


  5. Every time one of these gobshites makes a statement I look them up because luckily for me I'm far away from their influence….first no surprise he's a Liebour politician what is it about these how these lowlife liebour people?  I just hope the go the way of the Greens at the next election. He should have no complaints with the Irish Independent what a EU IMF window licker newspaper that is. The truth is this creatures are out of touch with the nightmare world he have created that. Gilmore another one wife on €117k a year as a government adviser.  Will there be enough telegraph poles and piano wire to go around.


    • "Will there be enough telegraph poles and piano wire to go around"

      I was never an advocate of violence but I must admit that imagining the likes of them swinging does bring a certain comfort.

  6. Its what we get when we vote for A Shinner dressed in layers of Sinn Fein, Workers Party, Democratic Left and now Labour clothes. Not that there's any better other Politicians out there though.

    • One or two independents, maybe?  If Ming ran the country, at least we would have free pot?

  7. In life, if I catch a fella I trust, lying to me for his own benefit, (and my loss), I never trust him again. That is not negotiable to my way of thinking. Not only that though, but from then on, if asked about him, I would state unambiguously that he is untrustworthy, as in "Don't believe a word from that fucker".


    That is where Kenny, Gilmore, Hogan, Rabbitte and all of the rest of them are at now from my point of view.That lack honesty, integrity and empathy is endemic in the Dail, and the only good news in this morning's papers is that they are cutting back on the number of Gardai. 


    With less of the boys in blue around, there will be fewer to enforce the Gumint's bad laws. More importantly, in their haughty arrogance, they have forgotten that the police force will be their last line of defense when we finally cop on and go to get them.

    • I couldn't agree more.  One of the biggest problems facing the Irish electorate come the next election is that there is no one left to vote for.  Maybe Sinn Fein are right – forget the ballot box and go for the other option?

  8. Another fine example of our glorious (lack of) communications minister in (eating) action:

    ………… a cunt indeed.


    I read online recently that "The last person to enter a parliament with honest intentions was somebody by the name of Guy Fawkes".

    Watching that fat bastard there on YouTube really proves that point

    • Excellent!!  The more they get of that, the better.  Hound the fuckers every time they appear outside their ivory tower.  I hope he got severe indigestion.

  9. that lot were rubbish in opposition , and now Europe making fools of them .

    and there still talking the same shit .. !!!!  did you go to school or college with any of that lot Grandad ?  .I wonder how they managed ? .

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