Misdiagnosis — 19 Comments

  1. you must have caught it from one of my remarks, sorry bout that, i have strep razors when i breathe, you may now consider drinking medicinal

  2. To paraphrase the yanks, it sounds like you're on the edge of the physical cliff ! Hold on.       Hey, I like the mouse over finger ^^^^

    • HA!!!  First person to notice [or at least comment].  That's been there for a couple of months now.

  3. Too much booze and sugar….the Christmas excesses…..all combined with the smoking will do it for you, GD

    Or, you just have The Flu, poor sod!

    • One cannot have an excess of sugar, booze or smoke.  They are all healing agents in one way or another [except maybe for the sugar but it tastes nice].  Leastwise I had plenty of all three today and it seems to have done the trick.

      Flu is for wimps.

  4. Happy to see that Ireland's leading malcontent is faring better today. Don't spend too long in the bath tub with your front door unlocked.

  5. You need faith, Grandad.

    Anyway, here are my predictions for 2013:-

    1. There will be growth in the spring – invest in homegrown cannabis, wild primroses, daffs and snowdrops.

    2. Some significant events will take place in the Middle East.  Bloody hell as usual.

    3. Old Moore's Almanack will predict a disaster for somewhere in the world, but won't get the country right. 



    so I can predict without fail: there's gonna be a catastrophe somewhere in 2013. Pass the hats around for Concern folks.

    4. President Michael D. Higgins will make some symbolical gestures during the coming year, possibly at public figures we don't like.

    5. The Pope will say something that the Irish Times and Fintan O'Toole won't like.

    6. Old Moore's Almanack will predict a lot of town and country fair days that will in fact come true. Bring your wellies.

    7. I'll drink a glass of Spanish white wine on 1st JANUARY AND SAY vIVA eSPANA… sorry, I'd better sign off now while I can still hold my glass.

    The best of plug tobacco to you for 2013.

    • I suppose I had better remove the digit and start thinking about my own predictions?  To be honest, I haven't given the new year much thought – too busy grinding at the old one.


    • One of the few who cares?!   Still have a lingering aftermath which is grand as it gives a legitimate excuse for loads more whiskey.  Thanks for asking.

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