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  1. Ah yes. That long past yearly ritual of putting the new year's date on the cheques in the cheque book to save the embarrassment of getting it wrong all through the spring.

    Have a good one!

    • I was usually grand through January as I would concentrate.  Habit would take hold by February though and I would start banging in the old year again.  Never use cheques now! 

      Have a good one yourself!

    • Saw one was on the other night – "Sports Personality of the Year".  Had to laugh.  Have never yet seen or heard a single sportsperson with even the slightest modicum of personality.  Didn't watch it, needless to say.

  2. I'd say sitting on your laurels day in and day out, scratching your backside,  i.e; retirement – those hazy, lazy days –  would make one a little nonchalant about what day of the week it is all year 'round!  Aint that right GD! 🙂

    Just teasin'..  I'm not at all jealous. 🙂

  3.  I was talking to a pal in the U.S. last night and they've just put his mom into a nursing home. There's a big electronic sign there that changes daily, to allow those for whom the dotage has set in to keep track..  It say's 'It is Winter, 2012, Dec 30th, time. You are in New Jersey'.  

    'Tis all so reassuring really. 🙂

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