Reinstate my hole — 8 Comments

  1. It sounds, to me, like another way to levy taxes on the lane dwellers.  I expect to see on BBC a photo of you, GD, lying in front of some massive earth moving machine. 

    • I think we can take it for granted that they are not doing this for the benefit of my health.  Let's see how far a policy of complete non-cooperation will get me?

      As for a massive earth moving machine?  With the width of the lane, it would have to be a miniature massive version.

  2. "reinstate my hole"… I take it absolutely no double entendre was intended there GD!

    Willie, that sort of thing might make for headline news on RTE.. no where else though.  🙂


    • "I take it absolutely no double entendre was intended there GD" I'm shocked that you should even think that!  😯

  3. all this talk of waterworks and reinstate my holes has me all mean oh..never mind

  4. For sure this is for water meters what will happen the company will not be run by the council but a private company. The scam is to update everything using taxpayers money then sell it of to some foreign company. For example I have a friend in Dorset their water company is a Singapore based company Singapore does not even have any water supply of its own and imports water from Malaysia yet here it is running a water company in the UK.

    70% have paid the property tax they are saying I'm just glad to be out of it. 

    • One thing I am sure of and that is that it's not for the good of my health!

      And I just wish I was out of it too……

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