Reinstate my hole — 8 Comments

  1. It sounds, to me, like another way to levy taxes on the lane dwellers.  I expect to see on BBC a photo of you, GD, lying in front of some massive earth moving machine. 

    • I think we can take it for granted that they are not doing this for the benefit of my health.  Let's see how far a policy of complete non-cooperation will get me?

      As for a massive earth moving machine?  With the width of the lane, it would have to be a miniature massive version.

  2. "reinstate my hole"… I take it absolutely no double entendre was intended there GD!

    Willie, that sort of thing might make for headline news on RTE.. no where else though.  🙂


  3. For sure this is for water meters what will happen the company will not be run by the council but a private company. The scam is to update everything using taxpayers money then sell it of to some foreign company. For example I have a friend in Dorset their water company is a Singapore based company Singapore does not even have any water supply of its own and imports water from Malaysia yet here it is running a water company in the UK.

    70% have paid the property tax they are saying I'm just glad to be out of it. 

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