Aftermath — 13 Comments

  1. Sounds like a good time was had by one and all.

    I'd love to hear that joke!

    I was not able to get home to Wicklow this year so had a quiet day in Tunisia. Not like Christmas at all in a Moslem country.

    • "I'd love to hear that joke!"  I repeat – no chance.

      "had a quiet day in Tunisia"  'Tis amazing the lengths people will go to just to avoid buying me a pint.  *sigh*

  2. Happy Christmas GD!   That photo is lovely.. so cute.

    My Christmas was grand.. but definitely didn't get enough stuffing.  haw haw

  3. I've got to do it again tonight. Boxing Day/St.Stephen's Day Party. Pray for me. It's the first day of Kwanza too, whatever the fuck that is. I am told it is something the nigger help enjoys.

    • I'd pray for you, but my credit rating in that department ain't much these days.  Just grit your teeth and get it over with.  One has to keep The Help happy!

  4. And a Merry Aftermath to you, sir! Sorry I wasn't around to wish you a Merry Christmas. Then again, I didn't wish anyone a Merry Christmas, even my relatives…what few I have left.

    I heard the one about the ping-pong balls already. Great one that.

    Blood doesn't wash off. You have to repaint. I'd leave it as it makes a great conversation piece and you can make up a new story each time.

    • And a retrospective Seasons Greetings to you too sir. 

      I decided to just do a chalk outline of a body around the bloodstains.  I will let others decide how a corpse happened to end up on a wall.

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