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  1. What pisses me off most, GD is the fact that The Gubmint get their cut of my hard earned crust several times over (the taxation system we have) before I can have a chance to even see the stuff. They can raise the taxation levels at a whim without my consent and further reduce my earnings. Then they insult me by stating how much I earn per year, even though I only ever see a fraction of it.

    I don't mind paying my fair share, but my home and family come first. I have a duty of care to myself and them first and foremost. I have to look after all of that and not be a burden on other taxpayers and the State. Yet The Gubmint, anyway they can, reduce my ability to maintain my responsibility to my family and endanger their well being by taking as much as they can from me to pay off Fucking Bankers, Bureaucrats,Corrupt Politicians and their fuck ups, Foreigners and Lazy Irish Social Welfare Bastard Cheats.

    I will pay my fare share, but when it erodes the lives of my family for the benefit of all the other cunts, then I have to call a halt. Enough is enough.

    If the Social Welfare Cheats can get away with, its about time The PAYE (Slave Workers) get away with it too. Fuck Europe and The Gubmint. My Family needs a Break.

    • The worst invention was the PAYE system.  It allows them to take what they like before we ever get to see the few remaining bob.  I see it as nothing more than theft on a grand scale.  They could arbitrarily decide to take half all our earnings and there is nothing we can do to stop them.

      As you say, I have nothing against paying my fair share but the key word here is "fair".  I do not see why I should have to pay for corrupt banks. corrupt politicians and fat wages to the dictators who are ruining our country.  It has become a matter of principle now to do as much trade as I can on the Black Market.  Fuck them.

      • The worst part of it all is, neither I nor my family gain anything from the PAYE/PRSI, USC, VAT, Motor Tax, Household Tax, SepticTank Tax, Water Tax.

        If I was unemployed or on disability benefit, however, I would be entitled to so many things that I currently could not afford.

        • One thing I fully intend to do is to milk them for every available handout and freebie I can grasp for the OAPs.  Of course by the time I reach the eligible age they will have shifted the fucking thing upwards again!

  2. Nail on head there Grandad.

    My long-retired policeman friend says that tax is theft in the truest sense. Here in Britain theft is defined as, "a person is guilty of theft if they dishonestly appropriate property belonging to another with the intention to permanently deprive the other of it".

    Dishonestly appropriate – they take it while telling us all a pack of lies, the thieving bastards

    Property belonging to another – well it's not theirs is it?

    Intention permanently to deprive – unless they plan to give it back … seems bloody permanent to me.

    My old pal says they may even be guilty of robbery because there is an implicit threat (arrest, prison bloody good hiding) if we don't comply.


    I don't agree with much in Islam, but as regards our gubmint, the notion of cutting their fucking hands off at the wrist interests me …


    • extortion with menaces?  I regard it as simple theft, nothing more, nothing less.  If I marched into the Dail and helped myself to a few sheckles, damn sure they would be on me like a ton of bricks!



    The devil is in the detail here, as with everything else. Have you noticed how everyone from the middle-classes down is guilty of tax evasion when they are caught. The upper classes, and on up, would be guilty of avoidance instead. The former is criminal while the latter is just good business practice.


    Tax is for fools and performs just two vital functions. It keeps the fools struggling and fighting among themselves while enriching the chosen few. Those commenting here that they should only pay their fair share, should consider instead a time when they pay nothing. Only at that point, could the debate begin as to what is fair. Unless the whole horrible edifice comes crashing down, nothing will change. Too many powerful vested interests are keeping it intact, in all its unfairness !

  4. I left Ireland way back 1997 and haven't regretted at all. I don't think I will ever go back as the country is just too fucked up to consider moving there with my family. You all have my utmost sympathy with having to do deal with that shower of gobshites in the Gubmint and the shower of assholes in the 'Troika'.

  5. I agree 100% Grandad. I go out of my way to avoid paying any tax to the government. Their ability to waste our money is unbelievable. I live in a rural area and the black economy is pretty much the only economy around here. I just got enough firewood for two winters, filled the chest freezer with bacon and did a few small handyman jobs all without the government getting a cut. The barter system is well alive too. Send no money to the Dail is my motto – starve the beast!

    • Welcome to the rebellion, Corazon! 

      Life seems a lot easier in rural areas.  People seem to be more interconnected so it is relatively easy to find someone to do a job "on the nod".  And you can't beat the old barter system!

  6. Yay, Budget time. I can once again wonder how much more money the Government is going to reduce the social welfare by!

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