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  1. Apart from the smoking (which I gave up three years ago) I'm with you on everthing else.

    And, like yourself, although not 100% healthy – bit of high blood pressure don't you know – am reasonably healthy and also in my sixties.


    Fingers crossed!!!

    • Sure if I enjoy the smoking, then where's the harm?  It really isn't anyone else's business.

      Leastwise they can all sod off if they think they are going to change me.

  2. Yup, same as that. I flatly refuse to eat anything labeled "low-fat" or "lite / light", or "diet". Only full cream, full fat, naturally sweetened stuff goes in my supermarket trolley. As it happens, my diet is a healthy one because I enjoy fresh foods, but I'll have no truck with all that de-natured shite.


    I totally ignore all the badgering from the holier-than-thou health "experts". Like you, I'm in my 60s, I'm fit and healthy, and I'm happy. Never been happier, in fact, so I reckon I'm good for another decade or two, despite having smoked since I was twelve and imbibed enough alcohol to sink a battleship. Not to mention all the other stuff I used to get up to…


    And if I peg out tomorrow, that's ok too. I've managed to pack more into my life than most would experience in five lifetimes, so I'll go out with a smile on my face. 🙂

  3. I confess I too am a little bit too much into "healthy" foods.  We happen to have an excellent greengrocer and a top class butcher in the village and I get most of my stuff there, so it tends to be very fresh and locally produced.  If however I feel the meal is a little too healthy I can always lash on half a carton of salt.  And then there is the occasional Vindaloo!

    Frankly it really is no one's business how much exercise I take or what I imbibe.  It's all my own funeral after all.

  4. You need to quit damaging the organs the state intends to harvest once the death panels decide you have lived long enough.

    • If all goes to plan I shall have worn out every single organ when my time comes.  A spontaneous failure of everything, all at once.

  5. Too true GD.. I'm like totally fabulous and healthy but slightly miserable. 

    Thanks.. you've cheered me right up realising that. 🙂

    I think it's just business.. in the U.S. every second ad on the telly is for some sort of drug.  The ads even suggest you may have some sort of condition and didn't know it..  Everything is a condition that needs permanent treatment.. bit of heartburn?  'Tis acid reflex condition. Bit of a wonky nose?  'tis a deviated septum condition that may be restricting your air flow.     The ads are relentless.  Then you have the ads warning if you were taking such and such medication and got such and such condition from the medication, call these lawyers.. you too could be in for a windfall. 
    Then you have those doctor shows.. Dr.Oz and we even have one of them on RTE now.. – The Doctors I think it's called.
    Tis all a bit TMI really and scaremongering.

    TMI –  too many informacions. 



  6. Everything in moderation, my old Mum used to say and she was right. I eat and drink everything I like, just not too much and I have remained in good shape. The See Food Diet, Heh! See it, Eat it.

    I do watch out for the dodgy ingredients that the big food industry stuff in, MSG, Palm Oil and a few others.


  7. The moral is:

    "Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of  arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body. One should rather arrive by skidding in sideways with a six-pack in one hand a pack of Marlboro in the other, ones body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WooHoo !"


    Well… the Powers That Be are concerned with your 'health', including your 'mental health' AND your 'happiness'.

    Partly this is because they are trying to convince us to be happy as we go into austerity. Teaching us to be happy when we should not be. To accept this next type of insanity as normalacy. And they're doing it before our full austerity, a transition to austerity, so our minds are prepped and numbed to accept it. Training us for a not-so-happy future. There is coming turmoil, lack of food, lack of heat, being totally broke in every sense, but…. we will be happy !!!

    These articles demonstrate how it's all trickled down to us, right down to the individual himself.

    Why is government so concerned with us being happy? Hopefully you now know why.


    And to learn more about what is really behind "Healthy Start, Healthy People, Healthy Families, Healthy Communities, Healthy Cities", etc. see this link. –


    UN Panel Says Retool World Economy For Sustainability…world-economy-sustainability.html

    "Social and environmental costs must be factored into how the world prices and measures economic activity, and into a revised measure of wealth that goes beyond the narrow calculus of gross domestic product (GDP)"

    UN: New Economic Paradigm Needed, Including Social And Environmental Progress

    “Happiness and Well-being: Defining a New Economic Paradigm”

    Gross National Happiness

    Project Happiness

    Wellbeing Wales


    The following two articles is a good example. The country's economy is going to pot…but their well-being is up. yay!!


    Carbon Tax Now Destroying Australian Economic Prosperity



    Australia Has The Know-How To Boost Wellbeing…ost-wellbeing-20120907-25k1h.html



    It's not about the money, money … Scots index measures the feelgood factors…res-the-feelgood-factors.18816740


    Chicago Pushing Wellness Program On Its Employees…ng-wellness-program-its-employees

    "The third step is a "Well-Being Assessment" – described as "a confidential questionnaire that assesses life and environmental factors that are critical to your health, well-being and your ability to improve both." The assessment consists of 60 questions "to get a better sense of factors that can't be tested." Those factors include one’s health history, mental health, stress, and "barriers to change."

    “Continued engagement is critical for driving improved health and wellness outcomes—that's why the Chicago Lives Healthy wellness program requires ongoing interaction from all participants"


    To help you to recognize part of what's happening and how. –


    How To Brainwash A Nation


    Deception Was My Job





    • Woooaaah!  The little old system here doesn't like links in comments!  Any more than two [I think] and it gets marked as spam and gets chucked out with the potato peelings and bad apples.  You're lucky I happened to find this, just before bin collection time.


        Thanks for the save, Gd.  I realize it's a hefty post, however, I believe it's important to get this information out there as it is probable we don't have a lot of time left to do so. I hope it helps connect some dots for those who are interested in knowing why things are the way they are. And also to think about how we can put a stop their psychopathic agenda.



  9. The simple fact of the matter is that mental health is as important, if not more so, than physical health. The other simple fact from a medical standpoint is, that there is little money to be made in mental health, and they know even less about it than the bodily guesses they currently get away with. Hence, publically at least, we only ever hear about smoking, drinking and eating, in the context of what they can do to our bodies. The white coats are incapable of understanding how one might mentally connect with their favourite poison.

  10. I would argue [in fact I did, above] that mental health and wellbeing is far more important than physical health.  Which would you rather have – forty years of happiness or eighty years of misery?

    The only reason they are so concerned about our physical wellbeing is that they want us to be hard working, productive little drones.

    • That's the first thing I thought of before even reading the last few replies. Forget your fatty foods, your smokes or your alcohol – STRESS is by far the biggest killer in society today.

      Things like mortgage arrears, holding on to (or finding) a job, feeding/clothing the kids, along with mad Dr.Phil's property tax/ Household Charge/ Water Charge/ Septic Tank charge "schemes". Need I say any more?

      • Absolutely.  Stress kills and happiness prolongs life.  One only has to look at the soaring suicide rate in this country to see the effects of stress.  This gubmint and the "Troika" have one hell of a lot of blood on their hands.

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