Hypocrisy at its best — 3 Comments

  1. First people are complaining because sites leave cookies behind their back without notification. Now people are complaining because sites are (supposedly) attempting to notify about cookies being left. However, the whole thing is irrelevant anyway since modern browsers block pop-ups by default, AdBlock Plus (ADP) for Firefox and Google Chrome prevent more than half of the sliding thingys from showing up if ABP thinks it’s an advertisement and whatever is left, the given site’s lie about (as you so aptly pointed out).
    Just another day on the old WWW now isn’t it?

  2. Kirk M – If people don’t like cookies then just switch them off.  Simple.  Unfortunately the EU just love sticking their noses into every aspect of people’s lives and inventing petty little rules and regulations on things about which they know nothing.  This is just another typical example of their petty bureaucratic reasoning.  Just another day in the EU.

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