On the verge — 12 Comments

  1. Truly it has been a bad year for tourists.

    Is it any wonder with the Irish weather being so bad.
    American tourist to Irish child: “Does it ever stop raining here?”

    Irish child to American tourist: “I don’t know, I’m only eight.”

  2. I bought one of those strimmers with a 4 stroke engine rather than the 2-stroke type. The engine is a bit heavier but there’s less noise, no smoke and has enough torque to saw it’s way through a cement post as long as I have the metal blade attached instead of the string. And you should see what it does to tires–good stuff!

  3. Heh!  I could do with one of those too.  Mine is the lighter 2-stroke but it is also light enough to swing anywhere.  Strimmers make excellent hedge cutters!.  Not many people know that…..

  4. Is it a catgut strimmer or one with a slicing metal wheel? I’ve always used a petrol driven two-stroke lawn cutter to good effect, although a strimmer is a great feller when the grass gets scruffy and overgrown in spring before the first cutting.

  5. Catgut [nylon] which is a pain in the hole.  I had to fill the cartridge when I was out there.  I opened the new pack and was immediately swamped in a thirty meter tangle of the fucking stuff.  It took me longer to rewind it than it took to do the strimming!  I can’t use a mower as it is all bank and ditch.

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