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  1. “They consider it perfectly reasonable to legislate what we can and cannot do “for our own good”.  They are moving rapidly into areas that are none of their concern, deciding what we eat or drink.”
    Absolutely NOTHING that we choose to put in our bodies (or do with our bodies) is any of their business, and I include all drugs known to man in that statement.
    It is part of the human condition to seek new experience; some will be good and some will be bad, but that should be no concern of anybody but the individual concerned. The vast majority of people are quite capable of retaining control of their lives, regardless of what they choose to imbibe. A classic case of this is cannabis, which is consumed by countless millions of normal working people from all walks of life. Those that have problems as a result of their consumption are few and far between. And of those, the majority have a problem only because they fall foul of the (idiotic) law which decrees “Thou shalt not have! (Because I neither like nor understand it)”
    The prohibitionists have created as much, if not more, human misery than the warmongering cretins who strut, and have strutted the world stage for millennia. Time for the piano wire and lamp post solution, methinks.

  2. I could not agree more.  Personally I don’t have much time for the “hard” drugs, but I always say a little of what’s natural does you good.  Cannabis is a perfect example – medically beneficial and socially relaxing.  It doesn’t even cause a hangover!  And just because I have a “thing” about hard drugs, does not entitle me to force others into my beliefs.

    One f the greatest problems with regulation is that it causes the subject of the legislation to go underground.  Regulating drugs hasn’t even made a dent in the trade, but it has handed it into the hands of unscrupulous dealers who will dilute the substance with all sorts of shite and will sell to anyone.  The tobacco regulations are a classic case in point.  A huge percentage of tobacco sold here is sold by the Van Man.  Does he care about underage smoking or what is in the tobacco?  Hah!

    My one hope is that the Puritans will overstep the mark to an extent that they lose all credibility.  Already they are close with their “smoke traveling though telephone wires” and their “third hand smoke”.  Their claims are becoming wilder by the day! 

    Roll on the piano/lamppost day!

  3. Heh!  Thanks, Brianf.  In the current politically correct climate I would give it two chances!

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