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  1. Sean – All part of the Master Plan for World Domination.  Actually, I truncated it too much!

  2. “All I can hope for is that some Irish person or team can win something at a sport………..”
    Maybe this:
    A lorry has arrived in London carrying barbed wire and wooden posts……turns out its the Irish Olympic fencing team.

  3. Filthy – Now, if you had clicked on the last link in my wee outpouring, you could have saved yourself some trouble!

  4. Pity there is no olympic competition for ripping the system off. Ireland would have won gold with the fucking crooks we have here, although the gold would have been nicked by them long before the competitions.

  5. Slab – You have been very quiet?  Holidays?  It wouldn’t surprise me to hear that the gubmint had tried to borrow form the IMF using the promise of gold as collateral!

    tt – Filthy is as sound as they come.  A regular reader if not a regular link follower!

  6. The pugilistic arts are a beautiful thing.  Boxing is not two guys just beating the shit out of each other.  There are very strict rules and regulations that must be adhered to and those rules and regulations make it a sport unlike Mixed Marshal Arts which is two guys just beating the hell out of each other.  Boxing is the ultimate game of one on one.  Chess is the best one on one for the brain and Boxing is the best for the body.

  7. I wouldn’t say no to getting in her ring and BF have you ever fought in the ring or been splattered with blood ringside? I suspect not.

  8. Grandad – Thank you for the link in the post. Gave me a good chuckle.
    jim C – Same to you. i think the idea of chess boxing is just as funny as the Irish fencing (bishop to queen’s rook 7 and just wait till i get you in the ring!).
    As far as Katie is concerned, more power to her (though I certainly wouldn’t want to be the one to piss her off).

  9. For fuck’s sake!  Chess Boxing?  Anyone fancy a game of Bridge-Archery?  Or Dominos-Diving?

  10. I was driving when her last bout came on the radio. The commentator went into overdrive and the ‘listener’ was invited to ‘imagine’ the fight. Apparently then, one woman smashed another woman hard in the face, and driven to new levels of hyperbole, yer man declared the punch, “A thing of beauty” !

    Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but Paul O’Connell finally lambing that ignorant Australian second rower some years ago, was a thing of beauty, and long overdue in that match. Watching women doing it just seems wrong to this silver haired gent. 

  11. Amateur boxing is a well-regulated sport. The training – dips and presses and all that – is an essential part of the training. Mens sana in corpore sano, as the bishop said to the actress. And boxing gets errant kids off the streets.

    I have serious doubts about professional heavyweight boxing. That sport is about big money. It’s about gambling and about the killer punch. And if it doesn’t kill it alters the brain and the nervous system. Look at prematurely aged Muhammad Ali, brought down in his fifties by Parkinson’s disease.

    But Katie Taylor is an amateur lightweight, so that debilitating destiny is not for her. Good on her and her parents who encouraged her. And three cheers to all the amateur boxing clubs in cities, towns and villages around Ireland who foster the noble art of amateur boxing.

    I will open a bottle of Great Wall Chinese wine in celebration of the medals won in the London Olympics by Katie Taylor and the other boxers.

  12. Herself wanted to see a bit of the action yesterday so I happened to oversee a bit of it.  [Is oversee the visual equivalent of overhear?].  There was a fair bit of physicality in the bout so my advice to Katie would be to ease up now before she ends up with cauliflower ears and a distorted nose.  God knows she will get enough job offers now to last a lifetime.

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