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  1. Come on over !
    Weather fine and warm.   The new dog will be even more attaced to you on your retirn.
    If you find your way to South Deux-Sevres, I will buy you a pint (or to be more accurate, a demi)   or even two.

  2. tt – Too many reasons why it’s too late.  For a start, most places will probably be booked, not to mention the ferries.  As for the dog – she has had enough for the moment of being abandoned.  I wouldn’t have the heart to throw her into kennels when she is only here a wet Monday.  You may be a heartless old bollix, but I’m not!

    A Grandad – South Deux-Sevres?  I thought you were in Poitiers?  There again, I don’t know where I got that idea.  Have you got a gite you are going to kindly lend to a broke old pensioner and his missus?

  3. South Deux-Sevres is 75 km south of Poitiers.   
    Sorry, I do not have a gite, only a small ancient farmhouse.

  4. It’s never too late to go to France.

    We went at Halloween one year, and it was as pleasant as ever.

    The only problem with a Ryanair equivalent on the high seas is that you might land some distance from your imagined destination, like France (Jersey) or France (Spain) ports.

  5. Ian – They only travel to Cherbourg so they probably don’t have charts for anywhere else.  Anyhow I wouldn’t mind Jersey or even Spain.

    Ashley – Welcome!  So you are coming over here huh?  Normally there are two periods of fine weather a year here – during the Leaving Cert [final school exams] in June, and the first two weeks in September [after the schools have gone back].  The June one was a washout this year so I can’t guarantee anything for September.  Bring a warm coat and wellingtons anyway.

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