A drop of boredom — 9 Comments

  1. Fuck it – “The data, collated from 6,300 current and former smokers by Pfizer as part of its Don’t Go Cold Turkey campaign, shows that 31 per cent of smokers admitted being saboteurs.”  No bias there then?

  2. How could we be bored with stories like this in today’s papers ..Headlines “Quinn would ‘accept jail term” A little room in Dublin’s top hotel will do nicely I guess. It gets better his wife is just an housewife and should not have to pay back the bank €3 million as she just signs whatever she asked to sign. So begorra isn’t every housewife  signing notes to get €3 million paid into their account every day.

  3. Grandad – Only having a laugh. How dare you insinuate that a global drug company would be dishonest. Thats shameful. You should state it explicity, they’d sell their own mothers.

  4. John Waters is nothing more or less than the unadulterated and unbridled bastardization of human thought, just saying.

  5. No Longer Disgusted – I’m glad you changed your mind.  That’s the Quins from Cavan or Norn Iron [depending on your bankruptcy law preference]

    Welcome JD!  [*shit! That’s two JDs…*].  Indeed, an eloquent and rather precise description of our friend. We can say what we like about him too as he considers anything on the Interweb [or indeed anything he hasn’t personally written] to be unworthy of his time. 

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