The Great Fellatio Festival — 18 Comments

  1. Agree 100%.
    That girl is sexy – the Chinese onlookers don’t seem too pleased though!!

  2. first time i’ve seen the symbol for it and i can’t stop laughing, thanks for the share! i’ll be enjoying the olympics in my usual fashion, computer games, you tube searces, total avoidance of any tv coverage.

  3. Well Grandad, once again I agree entirely.
    Sometimes I wish you would write something I disagree with just for a change.
    On second thought, never mind, it’s nice to finally find people I DO agree with. 
    Is that really the logo???? OMG  I can’t stop laughing! (obviously I have no interest in the games if I don’t even know what the logo is).

  4. Mossy – For some reason [and I haven’t a clue why] I have an old slogan going through my head – “get more bounce to the ounce”.  I can’t even remember what the slogan was for.

    Cat & Joysness – That is indeed the [very slightly modified] symbol.  Fucking hideous.  It deserves to be ridiculed.

    Joysness – I’ll keep trying.  One of these years I might hit on a topic that will cause you to leave in disgust?

  5. Well I think one can summarise the bloated shittery of this festival of corporate dickheadery by way of pointing out that the original marathon was celebrating the legendary run of a Greek to call for the defence of Athens against the huge army of Persia- some sixty miles or so they say.

    I believe Sir Martin Sorrell of the WPP advertising agency who is very grumpy at the moment because the shareholders of that company have raised a query with regard to his £6million pay for the current year- is carrying the torch at some point. Yup- a superannuated yuppie, overweight and definitely overpaid even according to his own company is to honour the ancients. It is somewhat fitting in a way- the Olympics is a bloated festival of corporate branded numbskullery for the edification of the terminally vapid.

    I believe there will be some athletes involved at some point- or at least until they are all barred by the sponsors for getting in the way of the advertising hoardings.

  6. If I have to read one more story about the journey of the olympic torch I’ll surely lose my mind.

  7. I would imagine that just about every sinner in the UK has carried that fucking torch by now?  We had to suffer it for a day, but thankfully it pissed rain on it.  I take it you won’t be watching the games then?

    Disgusted – May I offer you a disgusting hand of welcome?  Indeed we are intensely ashamed. I’m not quite sure what we are ashamed of, but ashamed we are, nevertheless.  As for the moderation – I have to have that there to keep out some of my more unsavoury commentators.  But then you haven’t met tt yet?

  8. I had something to say, but I totally lost track after viewing Brian’s video!  🙂

    @Brian F.  Damn!  🙂

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