History repeating itself? — 15 Comments

  1. Smoking again…..yawn! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz oh! eh! where was I? Oh yeah. there is life aside on smoking ya know!!! Fukkit

  2. There’s always drinking too. Heh! a nice little Chianti with some Fava Beans…………

  3. “Cattle trains in the dead of night” you say. No GD nobody could accuse you of exaggeration. But, Hey, as long as they are “Smoking”

  4. Not Green – A man after my own heart!  Nice bus.  I wonder how many gallons it does to the mile?

    Slab – You may think this is boring and irrelevant, but if I were you, I would take an interest.  Smoking is just the start and the Puritans are already moving in your direction.  They have already set their sights on drink and sugar, and sooner or later you are going to be a target.  Their goal has fuck all to do with health.  It is all about control

  5. tt – If I had said ten years ago that one day people would be refused employment even if they only smoked at home, or that they would be denied any medical treatment simply because they are smokers, would you have said that I was exaggerating then?

  6. Why can’t people just mind their own damn business? I mean if you don’t want to smoke don’t. If you don’t want to be around smokers go somewhere where smokers choose not to go. 
    I must have missed the memo that said God is dead and he’s left these fanatics in charge.
    I remember something my mum used to say when someone was complaining about someone else; ” You should sweep your own doorstep before you try sweeping someone else’s.”
    Wouldn’t it be nice if people heeded that bit of wisdom.
    And you’re absolutely right Grandad, it’s all about control.
    How do we stop these idjits before they destroy the whole bloody world?
    Oh, and I don’t smoke but I was a smoker for years. It doesn’t bother me in the least if others choose to or not. Like most things, I think if you’re not deliberately hurting someone else I have no right to say anything about what you are or are not doing.
    Thanks for the rant space.

  7. My uncle – uncle paddy -always says as he lights up during dinner.. “I don’t mind if you eat while I smoke”.  Think he’s cut back a little now though after the second stroke.

  8. In light of the antics of our “Precious Children” last weekend in the Phoenix Park, including multiple stabbings and murder, do your readers believe that smoking should be banned in that park ?

    Indeed, how do the binge drinking, drug fueled masses who attended the event, feel about secondhand smoke in the open air, and would the Gardai have liked a real reason, such as tobacco, to actually make some arrests.

    We really are looking at the hole and not the doughnut !!! 

  9. Joysness – When all is said and done, all this has nothing whatsoever to do with smoking or even health.  It is a case of picking on a minority simply because they can.  Smokers have become the new Jews/Irish/Blacks [delete according to choice].  It has even become a sort of game – see which area can produce the most repressive laws.  And once they tire of smokers they will move on and create new minorities – drinkers and the obese for starters.

    Anne – A sound man!  Actually I always refrained from smoking in dining rooms and the like.  Even now I won’t light up if there are people eating downwind from me.  It has nothing to do with laws or health, as I have always done that.  Since the laws came in though, I confess to being a little less considerate!  😈

    John – I was looking at the figures.  Two dead [drugs], nine stabbings and 33 arrests.  Sounds like bloody mayhem?  Time for new legislation?  BUT, there were 145,000 people at that gig.  I would say on balance it was a fairly quiet affair?

  10. Fuck it – I am well aware of Godwin’s Law.  However seeing as the whole concept of passivrauchen, or passive smoking was invented by the Nazis, and they are also the instigators of the modern “push” against smokers, I think the comparison is entirely appropriate.

    Mossy – I saw that this morning.  It is indeed high on the Righteous list, with calls for banning advertising, minimum pricing, and even talk in the UK of putting those images of diseased livers and the like on bottles.  In other words, exactly the same path as tobacco.

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