The postman always rings never — 7 Comments

  1. “I wrote an mail to the manager and left him in no doubt whatsoever what I thought of his lazy. good for nothing little cunt of a postman, and how I wanted the parcel redelivered immediately with no extra charge.”
    All your talk over the years of bombs, rifles, quarries, lime pits and shallow graves and that is it??  Mrs Brady, old lady?

  2. Well, it seems your replacement is my regular post(wo)man (Gawd I hate being politically correct.). She’s forever delivering mail to the wrong people or not delivering it at all. I had to get a post office box at the post office in order to get my mail.
    I’d tell you to keep her but wouldn’t wish her on my worst enemy (not that I have any worst ones).
    But at least you can look forward to Stampie coming back. I’m stuck with mine!.

  3. But where would rural Ireland be without the local post office and the local postal delivery officer, sorry postman? While we still have them let’s cherish them. All the cups of tea they get offered shows the social esteem in which they are held.

  4. tt – Damnit but you’re right! I’m getting soft in my old age. I’ll get out the old slash-hook and get him on the way out.  Don’t want to get him on the way in – might get blood on the parcel.

    Joysness – I’ll have none of that feminist shite here so you’re safe.  A postman is a postman be he a man or a woman or even something in between.  Our stampie hasn’t made a mistake in years, whereas the replacements rarely get anything right.

    Ger – Indeed I do cherish our Stampie as my wallet will testify around Christmas time [first mention of Christmas! Shit!!].  I also cut back the front hedge so he can reach the front door, as he is the only person who uses it.  He’d use the back door like everyone else only it doesn’t have a letter box.

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