Smoking and the KGB — 12 Comments

  1. Young Fionn would make an excellent candidate for the KGB?

    Young Fionn is obviously the offspring of Nazi anti – smoking parents & has had this ingrained in him from a very young age, they no doubt put him up to it.

    Young Fionn needs a good fucking slap & should be told to stop annoying the adults like we would have been told at his age, uppity little shit. 

    Don’t get me wrong I don’t advocate smoking in cars with young children present I, just like you GD don’t see how this can ever be enforced properly & will no doubt lead to calls and a push from Crown & Co for a blanket ban on smoking in cars, or if they are honest about it they want smoking banned period.

    What about eating in cars with young children present?, Fat people chomping on chocolate or chips while driving could encourage their children to become obese, so look out, ye are next.

  2. “No smoking in cars where children are present.”  I have no problem with that. Hard to figure how anybody in their right mind would. I bet you don’t do it. Enforcement? They said that about seat belts. Not your problem anyway.

  3. Lafsword – The parents obviously are, as you say anti-smokier Nazis.  Do they think it is right and proper to be filling the head of a seven year old with fanciful horror stories?  The poor little scut probably has nightmares, and palpitations if he sees a smoker on the horizon.  I would also query the rationale of allowing a seven year old access to ministers when your average Joe Soap gets a resounding fuck off at the door?

    Now if they brought in a law banning brainwashing parents or obnoxious little kids, I would be all for it!

    tt – It’s a lot easier to spot whether a person is wearing a seatbelt than it is to see if there is an infant in a car.  And no one has yet explained to me how my generation and generations before me survived without any side effects in an environment where smoking was perfectly normal?

  4. In the old days if you were prone to getting Asthma the Tuberculosis got you first. I believe I read somewhere that doctors back in the 40’s and 50’s encouraged people to smoke to counteract TB. How times have changed

    As you say next on the agenda will be banning of all smoking in your car, followed by a total ban on smoking in public. Before long all smoking will be confined to a  childproof smoking room in your residence that you will need planning permission to build. You’ll have to install Fire Exits, Fire Blankets and will require a safety certification annually

    May little Fionn get hit by a bus carrying a nicorette advert.

  5. Oh no does this mean I am actually dead and don’t realise it?
    I was brought up by a pair of devout smokers and shared their smoke filled car and home for 27 years. I never wore a seat belt during the first two decades of this period and yet despite these heinous crimes which give the ‘think of the children’ bansturbators nightmares so clearly I should be dead.
    It’s not often I come across people who have clearly had a lobotomy… well to be honest I am always coming across people who have been lobotomised as they form the political class throughout the western world.
    Here is a man who had no fear of the lobotomies. I give you the late Kerry Packer giving the lobotomised palpitations…
    And Lord Monckton making a mockery of the climate scammers yet again

  6. Just seen on RTE that Senator John Crown wants tobacco banned by 2025. Went to his Gubmit funded web site, thought at first he was a prick, but I was wrong, he’s a prize prick. And you know it’s going to happen.

  7. tt – The majority did.

    Dessiegee – The thing that infuriates me most is the creeping nature of all these bans.  The anti-smokers are like a nasty virus that slowly spreads and infects the drones.  Eventually of course they will achieve their final and ultimate goal – banning tobacco altogether.  Then of course the general population are suddenly going to be hit with massive tax increases to compensate for the lack of tobacco tax/VAT/excise.  Maybe then they will realise too late that maybe the smoker was owed a debt of gratitude!

    May little Fionn get hit by a bus carrying a nicorette advert.”  Nah!  I wouldn’t go that far.  It’s the parents who are to blame there.

    William – Aren’t we all dead many times over?  After all we lived in times where the majority smoked and smoked everywhere.  We never wore seatbelts.  There were no cycle lanes.  Warning labels were few and far between.  We lived with asbestos and lead paint everywhere.  The list of things that killed us was almost endless.  Of course we are all dead.


  8. Stan – Now you know why I don’t watch the RTE News!  That smug little cunt won’t be happy until we are all dancing to his little tune.  He’s a smug little fuck all right!

  9. William – “Aren’t we all dead many times over?”
    Good point.
    Somebody told me once:   ‘everybody dies eventually – it’s just a question of how and when’
    Personally I don’t think a complete smoking ban will come into play. Even if a ‘no smoking in cars’ ban is implemented, it’ll never be taken seriously by most of the public. For example isn’t there a ban on using mobiles in cars? Haaaahhhh hahahahaha!!!! – I hear the public cry with laughter. The cops here are too busy scratching their holes and munching breakfast rolls to enforce it properly.
    As for that total prick Crown; people like him make you wish guillotines were still in fashion.

  10. While it may have good intentions, it is inevitably about money, i.e. fines. 

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