Voting for a Quisling — 21 Comments

  1. GD,
    I am sorry it turned out this way.
    On the upside, your new leader, Herr Angela Merkel, is a cunt.
    New boss is the same as the old boss, no? Which means you do not have to adapt.

  2. “Low turnout may have helped the “No” campaign, but in any event a “No” vote would not block the pact.
    Only 12 of the 17 eurozone members are required to ratify the treaty, which sets strict limits for eurozone countries’ budget deficits.
    Rejecting it would bar Ireland from emergency EU funding when its current bailout package expires in 2013. In late 2010 Ireland received an EU-IMF bailout worth 85bn euros (£68bn; $105bn) after debts overwhelmed its banks.”

    I just read the above on the BBC. Couple of things I haven’t heard “cough” is that the vote was meaningles and that Ireland got a bailout from EU of $105000000000.

  3. Ranty – Why am I not filled with confidence? ….

    tt – The vote was meaningless in the context of Europe, as the treaty will come into force anyway.  I have a feeling the outcome would have been very different if the other countries had had a vote on the matter.  Europe is about as close to a dictatorship as you can get.

  4. I’m totally and utterly disgusted by the result. AND at the news that so so many lazy CUNTS just couldn’t have been bothered getting off their arses yet will still loudly voice their opinion in the pub.
    My dog Ozzie was hit by a car this morning but miraculously will only be mentally scarred from the incident. Could this day become any worse???

  5. IniaEanna – I am disgusted but not particularly surprised.  The gubmint are more concerned with licking arses that they are with the Irish people and will do or say anything to please their European masters.  Dame Enda’s fawning and grovelling in Brussels is disgusting to behold, and the same cunt can’t even face the Irish.  It’s plain to see which side his bread is buttered.  I now have zero respect for any of the three parties which effectively means I am outside the electoral system.

    Poor old Ozzie!  Look on the bright side – he’ll be more careful in future?

  6. Well, that was no surprise Grandad.

    I was listening (purely for the comedic content you understand) to the Biased Broadcasting Company today and some twat said it was a ‘resounding’ vote of confidence for the e.u.

    I neither laugh nor cry at this shit anymore – I just make long lists of names!

    I’d like to say better luck next time, but……….. 

  7. I know how you feel what is the point the next step is to abolish all voting and dont think it wont happen. For me thats it I never going to set foot in Ireland again to me the country no longer exists now part of Goldman Sachs and the NWO. Maybe one good thing might come from it and that would be the end of the Irish Liebour party.                                      Now wait for all the YES voters to whine when all the ‘countries’ assets are sold off to foreign companies I would not like to be getting an Irish electric or water bill next year it will be 500 times more then now.

  8. Peacock – They will not [though I daren’t say never] abolish elections.  They will be around for a good many years to come as they are the essence of a democratic state.  However, they will be the equivalent of voting for your supervisor while the General Manager rules the roost.  So we will be a democracy in name only with the actual structure of a dictatorship.

  9. You people really do talk utter nonsense/shit. The Irish electorate voted yes in a democratic election. That’s democracy at work. The opposite of dictatorship. You don’t care for the will of the people? Tough titty. Get over it.

  10. @tt, democracy! You wouldn’t know what that actually was even if it came up behind you and burgled yer turds!

  11. tt – I repeat… “However, they will be the equivalent of voting for your supervisor while the General Manager rules the roost.  So we will be a democracy in name only with the actual structure of a dictatorship.”  These people who make the rules and do the actual governing are unelected and unaccountable.  Would you call that a democracy?

  12. When the people voted for that system of course it is. Isn’t that glaringly obvious? I swear it’s easier to teach a kid how to ride a bike with no wheels. 

  13. Just one more observation on this subject Grandad, Ireland is a small island, Northern Ireland is British,(Ulster) and  Eire (Replubic of Ireland) the south is now an outpost of the EU, I do wonder how this will work.

  14. tt – The whole point is that we never voted for this system.  We do elect MEPs [Members of the European Parliament] who do have a limited nominal role, but all the top crowd [heads of parliament, bank and the rest] are unelected and who seem to be appointed purely on the Crony System.

    Jan M – That is an interesting point.  The EU is moving towards its next goal – fiscal union, but it will have a bit of a problem with the UK as they are still outside the Euro.  Therefor the EU doesn’t have the same leverage there, but I’m sure it will find some nice way of coercing the UK into the dream of a united Europe.

  15. tt – So you think if a majority vote in a referendum for something they have been assured by their elected representatives is good for them but subsequently turns out to be a crock of shite that it’s the peoples fault?  In two ways it is I guess 1) They voted for the cunts in the first place and 2) They didn’t care enough to understand the implications of what they have just done.  Once the Irish people get to realise just how badly they have been let down I think all hell will break out.

  16. So we are one with the Baltics?  It might improve our chances in the Eurovision I suppose, but apart from that … they can go fuck themselves.  I’m Irish and I’m staying that way.

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