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  1. I couldn’t agree more Grandad. I look at my son now, just turned twenty, and he has none of the boldness nor recklessness that I loved when I was his age. Neither does he have a role model from the upper levels of our society. He is so dis-connected from his own Country, he believes that the RTE news has nothing to do with him. Instead, his heroes are gormless, talentless individuals from what passes as the Top Ten today, and he enjoys them in the secrecy of his own computer. I predict that in his lifetime, he will never throw a stone at a line of Policemen. How sad is that ?

  2. Hey Grandad, your post sounds very defeatist.  Not sure of your age, but am guessing you and I are about the same vintage.  We need to fight this thing so no giving up now.  Get down your pub this evening and give the locals your reasons to vote “No” tomorrow.  If everyone in Ireland who reads your blog did this it might just make a difference.

  3. Sorry, Getting ahead of myself there.  For some reason I thought it was Wednesday today.

  4. John – “I predict that in his lifetime, he will never throw a stone at a line of Policemen”  That truly is a depressing thought.

    Sean – It is a bit defeatist sounding now that I read it [yet again].  I just have a cynical view of the Irish electorate and their willingness to lap up any old shite that’s fed to them.  Don’t worry though – I have no intentions of bowing down.  Even as the jackboots goose-step down O’Connell Street I shall still be pouring out my little frustrations.  The fight shall go on.

    .Slab – Not only our children but our grandchildren.  What people don’t seem to realise is that this is a permanent change.  In a hundred years time, when possibly Ireland is doing well for itself, Brussels will still have that control over us that they so crave.

  5. Interesting post Grandad I’m feel how you feel even I’m at the other end of the world.  I cant believe what happened to my country. This vote is a prime example in reality it should be 90% NO but it wont the sheep are been led to the slaughter. Why would any free thinking person think I have to pay more tax so the politicians and banksters can laugh at us that we are that stupid. I have predicted in a very short time you will not even get a vote or one that matters. All the top politburo of the EU are unelected all the commissioners are unelected they want to control everything we do.  But keep speaking up Grandad one day people will look back and see we were not all taken it by these criminals.

  6. ..In a hundred years time, when possibly Ireland is doing well for itself..

    A hundred years?  Hopefully not.  Since getting free of British rule you haven’t even had a hundred years of self determination yet! 

  7. More like another attempt at 1000 years rule GD. The Third Reich failed, maybe the Fourth won’t.

  8. ”I’m not just talking about the smoking fiasco either…”

    Good. Because that would be like arguing about the arrangement of the deckchairs as the Titanic went down…

    Fuck the smokers, is there not enough outside for you? 

    [GD: I let this through as a lovely example of a comment from a brain-dead anti-smoker troll!]

  9. So the ayes will have their day on Thursday.

    Is it that easy to manipulate Irish men and women?

  10. Peacock – I am hoping against hope that my musings are wrong.  Maybe the No vote will win the day, but I’m afraid that the Irish are easily swayed bit a bit of propaganda and a few completely baseless scare stories.  And as I said before – I shall go down fighting!

    Sean – Just an illustration of how permanent this shit is.  This isn’t some law that can be revoked.  It is to be embedded into our constitution and would require a referendum to remove it again.  Do you think Brussels would ever allow such a referendum?

    Slab – Frankly, if the Yes lot have their way then the only hope is for the whole edifice to collapse.  The way things are going , with a tide of anti-austerity sweeping the continnent, hopefully we won’t have that long to wait.

    Bill – Yes.  ‘Fraid so.

    Incidentally, I haven’t bothered replying to “Fuck it”‘s comment as it isn’t worth the effort.  Fuck it.

  11. tt – I will treat any reasonable comment with respect, no matter how much I disagree.  However a “fuck you” type comment will get a “fuck off” type reply.  Fair enough?

  12. The government is very scared, what if we vote no and they can’t afford to pay enda kenny more than Obama. or no 3,000 a week for cowen.
    Having to face the reality of the country living on what it takes in, in tax  instead of borrowing more and more is by far their biggest fear.
    I listen to them every day asking where will we get the money to run the country, while a TD representing 20,000 people complain about how hard it is to get by on 140,000 a year.
    While people like me who has not  paid them 100 euros are threathened with jail. this to me is as good a reason to vote no,as any. I don’t like their tone  Idon’t like been threathened, and when they start at the top I might belive a word they tell me. 

  13. Tax harmonisation will cause Ireland to become the Appalachians of Europe – remote, rural and poor.

  14. I posted over at my wee place on the blogosphere about this referendum GD. I hope and pray that the great people of Ireland can see through all of the bullshit and propaganda that the puppet politicians are spouting.
    This is not about money, it has fuck all to do with money, this is abour controlling a sovereign nation and usurping your constitution. Your country has one of the most robust constitutions in the world and your people, if only they realised this should never allow it to be watered down nor allow the transfer of your sovereignty to a bunch of schemers, scammers and unelected wankstains in Brussels.

  15. What I’m more worried about on Thursday is the turnout. The shites that (regardless of their view) couldn’t be bothered getting off their holes to vote.

  16. I was born Irish & would like to die the same way please & while I would be anxious that my children would learn to speak German & or French etc I would prefer if this was not as a 1st language which is the way we are heading.

    God it is depressing watching our Government ministers & TD’s appearing on TV lying on a daily basis at the behest of unelected EU dictators. Cunts all of them & a pox on all their houses.    

  17. Yo – you may remember me as the anonymous scribe of a certain dearly departed and foul mouthed guinea pig – long may his embittered (but, trust me, reasonably well fed) soul rest. If you don’t recall  – well I give up. Just thought I would say howdy – yep i still read your blog for – erm – light entertainment.
    I truly do hope that you and your amazing nation survive this Euro financial crises – i know you will – no amount of gloom will ever destroy a country entirely. Have hope. History is no picnic. Have a pint on me – god – or the devil – be with ya 🙂

  18. Sighs – How could I possibly forget my favourite Guinea Pig?  He is very sorely missed, but is fondly remembered every time I call someone a Dumbfuck [which is pretty often].

  19. As an Englishman, far be it for me to tell you great folk what to do, but…………………for God’s sake tell the e.u. luvvies to ‘feck off’. Ireland for the Irish.
    You’ve spent a lot of time and heart-ache getting your independence, and to just give it away to those e.u. shits is heartbreaking.
    Good luck tomorrow folks, from an Englishman who cares. 

  20. Welcome Ikbenengels!  Seeing as we are the only country voting on the damned thing, I think everyone in Europe has a right to tell us how to vote.  Not that the result will affect anyone else, unlike the Lisbon Treaty which has to be one of the great stains on Ireland’s history.

  21. Pissing down here in Shannon this morning on Referendum (or should I say Judgement) day.
    Not a good premonition…………..

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