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  1. “Reading the Health Section on the Indo, can increase blood pressure and stress levels”, a new report has found.

  2. Talk about a lie of omission.  I can speak to the study about Calcium and heart attacks.  The same “headline” showed up all over the place here also.  A local TV new department looked into the claim and found that what the study really said was that the human body can use X amount of calcium per day and if one were to double that intake your risk of heart attack goes up.  Also if you increase your calcium intake beyond what your body can use it will not add more bone protection beyond what a normal dose does.  So in conclusion it’s the media headline not the research that is flawed this time, in this example

  3. Presumably all of these new studies are deliberately so far fetched that “further research” is needed which will require “emptying your pockets” a bit more just to prolong the “gainful employment” of these bollixmongers.

  4. John – Heh!  How much did that little study cost?  Was it peer reviewed?

    Brianf – The majority of these studies are either totally worthless of else state the bleeding obvious.  The so called experts love them because they can claim grants, and the papers love them because they fill column inches. 

    Tim – Either that, or there is a flurry of research to prove the opposite view.  “New study finds that cancer causes snoring”.

  5. There was a study carried out a number of years ago which proved that all Polar Bears were left handed, now that was definitely worth the money. So if ever you get attacked by a polar bear and have to defend yourself be aware he is a South Paw.

  6. It is very important to know whether a Polar Bear is left or right handed [pawed?].  If you are giving him a pen to sign the hotel register, you need to know which paw to put it in.

  7. That’s awful Grandpaw !!
    And, by the way, during an idle moment at lunchtime (honest boss!!) I read this in today’s Daily Telegraph:
    “Ireland had Jedward, the disturbingly doll-like X Factor twins. They sang about falling in love with a girl. No viewer expects to escape the Eurovision Song Contest without some degree of psychological scarring but the idea of Jedward as sexual beings will be difficult for all but the hardiest to recover from. Soon you’ll see them sleeping rough, or stumbling into rehab clinics and soup kitchens: people who watched Jedward at Eurovision 2012 were never able to readjust to normal life”
    Love it!!!

  8. i want to be paid to do a study on who the fuck cares! come on gov’t show me some money i’ll do  it i promise

  9. I’ve got a study that proves that watching and/or listening to Jedward can dramatically increase negative psychological reactions to dangerous levels. Where’s my grant money??
    Actually, while I’ve got the ball rolling; I’ve got a potentially huge money making product idea – Jedward voodoo dolls!! More research grants needed there I think.

  10. InisEanna – Jedward Voodoo Dolls?  I like it.  Though I suppose any old shaving brush would do?

    Hey Slab!  You went missing for a day.  Too much sun?  Heh!

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