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  1. I’ve experienced the same problem and not only with women but, yes, predominantly so.
    There is a slip road where I live in Willow Grove to get onto the N11 dual cabbageway, same problem and again at the exit to Bray.

  2. Same thing from M50 to M1 sliproad when an MPV wandered across in front of me, I flashed (not how I wanted to hah!) MPV brakes, I flash again, brakes harder slows down, hazards on while wandering across the next lane. I passed by blowing the horn in frustration at the stupidity (trucks were approaching from rear) only to find an African Lady very intent on her phone call….fucks sake

  3. Welcome Kitta!  In fairness, that wasn’t her fault – it was the tosser in the SUV overtaking on a blind bend.  I’m just amazed there wasn’t more damage.

    Cat – There is quite a lot of ocean between us, so drive how you like.  I’m safe!

    Patrick – They say that women are involved in fewer accidents.  My theory is that they just cause more!

    Slab – There are some people who just deserve to be caught in a pile up.  The only problem is that innocent people tend to be caught in the same smash.  Incidentally, I know that junction, and you need to have your wits about you!

  4. Not Green – Thanks for the warning.  I shall be on the lookout and will take pleasure in running him off the road.  😈

  5. As someone on YouTube pointed out, the point is that the tosser in the SUV was probably a woman. Not even if a man was in a rush would he overtake on a double yellow lined bend.

  6. Kitta – You obviously haven’t been driving as long as I have.  “Not even if a man was in a rush would he overtake on a double yellow lined bend”  Oh yes he fucking would!

    InisEanna – I saw that.  Why the fuck didn’t the Gardai use their cars to corral the lot of them.  Arrest the fuckers and impound to poor horses.  That’d learn ’em!

  7. If I had an opportunity to confront the woman driver who stopped at the slip-road I’d be the sensitive gentleman and say: Pardon Madam, your slip-road is showing.

  8. “Hah!  Isn’t that the slip road the Guards love hiding in with their speed guns?  Wankers!”

    Yep, that’s the one!

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