Helpful tips — 7 Comments

  1. Good point.  Arriving at a destination with the arse of your trousers wringing wet might give the wrong impression?

  2. On the bright side that soil in the foot-well probably needed the rain; how else do you expect the petunias to grow?

  3. You should try having the windows rolled up closed and leaving the sunroof open. Much more fun when you open the door.

  4. tt – I usually drive with the sun-roof open, so it could have been worse.  Or better.  Depending on whether it’s me or you talking….

    Mossy – Some of us have a life.  Anyway, I just did another little scribble so that should please you?

    Slab – Jayzus!  It’s nearly as untidy as mine.  I know it’s not mine though as mine isn’t an MG.

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