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  1. An agreement formalising this grant was signed in Maputo on Monday by Mozambican Deputy Foreign Minister Henrique Banze, Irish ambassador Ruairi de Burca, and the head of the European Union delegation in Mozambique, Paul Malin.
    The last line reveals the elephant in the room or even the elephant in Mozambique!
    But it does beg the question when does broke actually mean broke?

  2. I notice the distinct lack of news about this in Irish newspapers.
    Strange? Maybe not.

  3. Bill – I saw that about the tosser from the EU.  What the fuck is going on here?  The EU decides [on my behalf] to become all nice and friendly with an African country in the Southern Hemisphere?  Has Mozambique joined the EU?  I guess of course that the EU are behind this – they just love throwing any amount of cash anywhere they like.  Five million to them is just an annual expense account.

    Mossy – That is completely coincidental.  I’m sure if they knew about this they would be only too happy to tell the world what generous people the Irish are?

  4. Mossy – I still haven’t gotten my head around it.   I keep telling myself that it has to be a joke but yet it is just the kind of madness that seems to drive the world these days.

  5. Its Ireland’s modern way of helping out the Black Babies. Remember that in school as a young ‘un?
    Then when we all grew up, they came here to live.
    So Africa is getting much more support from us than €5 million.

    I get no hand outs and neither do my kids and this is where my hard earned Tax money goes, what fucking next? 

  6. Iv said many times its easy to spend ‘other peoples [taxpayers] money’ and to make it worse these gobshites dont even have to get permission. Second is there anyone out there you does not know this cash will go straight into some despots Swiss bank account?  Another reason to vote NO!

  7. Simple really. If you are going to usurp a national identities and impose a completely alien socialist state on those national identities you need to march in all guns blazing and kill as many ‘locals’ as possible in the process or you can break down the border controls of said nation and then import as many foreigners as possible to water down any opposition to what you are wanting to achieve.
    The all guns blazing approach carries with it considerable risk of failure ans nations tend to defend themselves against naked aggression so the latter course though much slower is far less risky and once the local political class has been bought off considerably easier. Better still this latter route, if done properly, ensures those you want to enslave pay for their own enslavement.
    But of course you already know this.

  8. Apologies for the typooes but Operas spellchecker isn’t working properly and neither is my brain after three days of wrestling with the wonderful Mr Gates Vista BSOD products.

  9. Climate warriors eh? They do remind me of an old hen caught up in a hedge back home. 
    It’s a religion pure and simple. What they need is a kiddie fiddle scandal to make it official. Their Pope, Al Gore, has made a try of it by trying to, erm, seduce a masseur a couple of years ago but that went nowhere.
    Fuck me and die a cripple these idiots need strangling and flushing down the bog.  

  10. Slab – Bringing in the old pennies to school? I remember it well.  I often wondered what happened to all the wee black babies I bought.  

    Peacock – They have gone beyond that and are spending wads of cash without even announcing it.  Yet if I earn wads of cash without announcing it, I am labelled a tax-dodger and am sent to jail.  I have tried to find what this money is to be actually used for but there is no mention – jus some shite about combating the result of climate change.  Probably means a new palace for the president………

    Bill – Indeed that does have a vaguely familiar stench.  What’s the betting that with a couple of years Mozambique applies to join the EU!

    Paul – Welcome and thanks for the original link!  Personally I couldn’t give a shite what religion people follow, but when I find myself sending cash to a discredited religion I really fucking see red.  Whan is this madness ever going to end?

  11. There’s lots of oil fields in Mozambique, mostly untapped because of the various civil wars. Hence the interest by our Europaters!

  12. Ahhhhhhh!  Now THAT makes sense.   So we are paying our money to Mozambique so that the EU can get its grubby little hands on their oil. 

  13. There’s nothing tangible in the press release. The money will be used to help someone fight something. It’ll allow the government to step up its efforts in the fight against the adverse effects of climate change.
    We don’t know what the effects will be but we’re fighting it now.
    5 million euros. As you said, GD, just an expense account amount.

  14. We could do with €5 million to fight Climate Change. Has anyone looked out of the window lately?
    Its fucking freezing. Some of us can’t afford to turn on the heating.
    Imagine all the old folks here who are freezing their nuts off because of our Economic state.
    Not really fair when you consider all that money going to a country where its fucking warm.

  15. tt – Heh!  Brilliant.

    Snookertony – I imagine the EU are very adept at fudging figures.  Probably explains why their book never balance.

    Slab – I have a good mind to emigrate to Mozambique.  Not only is a lot warmer than here but they now have tons more money than us. 

  16. GD, you might as well, ‘cos half of them are here already.
    We should invite them all to come over here at the same time we all go there. The old switcheroo. They are welcome to our crap weather.

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